Entrance Exams

Woodwind Instruments

Application period: 01.02. - 20.03.
You will receive an invitation to the general entrance exams/audition by e-mail upon completing online registration

Music theory written exam (Bachelor programmes): please refer to the general information regarding entrance exams

Artistic performance (Bachelor and Master programmes):

1st round:

Your video must meet the following technical criteria (upload until 27.03.):

  • You must upload your videos at the latest one week after the end of the registration period
  • Permissible formats:
  • MP4 or MOV or
  • Alternatively, you can upload a PDF with links (soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, etc.), where the exam commission can view your video
  • Duration per video: max. 5 minutes
  • Video size: max. 500 MB
  • Number of videos submitted: max. 2

IMPORTANT: Only videos that meet the above criteria will be admitted to the entrance examination!

2nd round:

  • Instrumental performance on site
  • Inclusion criteria per instrument



13.-15. May 2024

Subject to changes!