Facts and Figures


(as of 31 Dec 2020)

Total inventory: 104,000 catalogued media (70% available in open-access shelving)

  • 63,000 musical scores, including complete editions, commemorative editions, orchestral parts and chamber music from all periods as well as pedagogical scores and sheet music.
  • 23,500 books on the central topics music, dance, theatre, drama and literature as well as the history of culture and the arts, pedagogy and media studies. Numerous reference books on the central topics of the library, literature in several languages.
  • 9,200 audio-visual media, primarily LPs, videos, CD Roms, CDs and DVDs.
  • 140 ongoing specialist yearbooks, periodicals, journals and newspapers (4,700 issues).
  • 1,5 mio. electronic media (scores, CDs, videos, magazine articles, E-books) and 15 licensed data banks
  • Special stocks, including bequests from Friedrich Gulda, Josef Laska and Helmut Schiff, many valuable facsimiles and historical publications as well as the music archive of the AKM (more than 40,000 scores)

Focal points of the collection

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Pedagogy, psychology
  • History of culture and the arts, cultural studies