University course Musikvermittlung - Music in Context

The degree course Musikvermittlung – Music in context offers  contemporary education in the diverse practical areas of "Musikvermittlung" in the cultural and educational field. "Musikvermittlung" takes place within the framework of partially-staged concerts with a moderator, pedagogical introductions to concerts and workshops, and also working out concepts where education and the arts intersect. In this way the course meets the needs of the public for new forms and new ways of engaging with music. 


  • Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • The university course can be pursued concurrently with a job.
  • The teaching takes place at weekends (Friday, 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.). In addition two one-week summer academies deal in greater depth with subjects already studied.


By an exploration of the subject with experts from the practical field, by engaging with the literature and theory of "Musikvermittlung" and by the use of the students' own projects, the course examines in detail the range and variety of current Austrian and international musical outreach, thus establishing a connection between cultural education and contemporary musical composition: the communication of music in concert life,  audience development, audience engagement  and aspects of cultural management are important themes which are treated both theoretically and practically. Training sessions on stage presence, moderation and improvisation help to improve and deepen the professional competence of the students.


18 modules combine individual themes of "Musikvermittlung", 16 of them are each rounded off thematically in a concentrated form over 4 weekends per semester, while 2 of them (Practical "Musikvermittlung" & The Fundamentals of "Musikvermittlung") are taught continuously throughout the whole course.

The modules „Practical Musikvermittlung“ and „The Fundamentals of Musikvermittlung“ deepen the knowledge and capabilities of the students over all 4 semesters with regard to stage presence, improvisation in groups, techniques of moderation, writing, use of the voice and the basics of cultural management.

2 summer academies at the end of the 2nd and 4th semesters respectively give the students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of selected special subjects.

The course is concluded with the student's own project and a masters thesis.


  • A university degree in music or musicology or a teaching qualification in music. In exceptional cases an equivalent qualification achieved through work experience will be recognised
  • Practical experience in one field of "Musikvermittlung"
  • Multifaceted musical and cultural interests


Registration deadline: 31st May 2023

Required documents:

Schedule Winter semester 2021/22

1st Semester 2021/22:

SEM 1/ 1. weekend: 15.+16. October 2021

SEM 1/ 2. weekend: 12.+13. November 2021

SEM 1/ 3. weekend: 10.+11. December 2021

SEM 1/ 4. weekend: 14.+15. January 2022


Additionally: Compulsory participation in the 5th conference of the PMÖ - Plattform Musikvermittlung Österreich (conference fee paid by ABPU).

25.-27. November 2021 / Vienna

More information:


2nd Semester 2021/22:

SEM 2/ 1. weekend: 11.+12. March 2022

SEM 2/ 2. weekend: 08.+09. April 2022

SEM 2/ 3. weekend: 20.+21. May 2022

SEM 2/ 4. weekend: 24.+25. June 2022

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