COVID-19: Safety Regulations

Status: January 13, 20022

    General Rules

    • Access to the building only with 2.5G proof
    • FFP2 masks mandatory in all public traffic areas and in all courses as far as possible
    • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters (this also applies to the open areas)
    • Positive test results are to be reported immediately to coronameldungbruckneruniat
    • Access only via main entrance
    • Mandatory registration in room lists


    • If possible, teaching activities are to be held unchanged in their current form (face-to-face/hybrid/online) until the end of the semester
    • On-site group lessons, seminars etc. must be held in the smallest possible units
    • For artistic-practical group teaching that cannot be held in presence, there are institute-specific solutions that are discussed with the Dean's office

    Artistic Final Exams




    • In the bistro and its guest area, the 2G rule applies without exception

    Please make use of the numerous disinfectant dispensers across the building!

    We urge you to take advantage of all offers at pharmacies and official testing sites. More information about testing possibilities in Upper Austria

     Notes on 2,5G

    •     Proof of vaccination
      • a) Immunization by two partial vaccinations: After receiving the second vaccination, the validity period of the vaccination certificate is 360 days and at least 14 days must have elapsed between the two vaccinations. 
      • b) Immunization by one vaccination: from the 22nd day after vaccination with a single-dose SARS-CoV-2 vaccine approved by the EMA, the proof of vaccination is valid for 270 days.
      • c) Immunization by convalescent vaccination: Provided there was a positive molecular biology test for SARS-CoV-2 at least 21 days prior to vaccination or there is already evidence of neutralizing antibodies at the time of vaccination, proof of vaccination is valid for 360 days from the time of initial vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.
      • d) Additional vaccinations: After receipt of a further vaccination, the validity period of the proof of vaccination is an additional 360 days. There must be at least 120 days between the vaccination referred to in a) and c) and a booster, and at least 14 days between the vaccination referred to in b) and a booster.
    • Proof of recovery
      • A medical confirmation is valid for 180 days after an expired infection with SARS-CoV-2. This must have been proven by molecular biology (e.g. PCR test).
      • An official segregation notice is also valid for 180 days.
    • Negative PCR test
      • collection not older than 72 hours.