Music Education

Music education facilitates music and making music as a way to enrich people’s lives. Creating an ideal environment for students’ artistic, pedagogical and personal development is paramount to the Institute´s teaching and research activities. At the Institute of Music Education, students acquire a strong foundation for working in music schools and other educational settings, including current and prospective vocational fields.
The Master’s programme (the so-called “PMA”) with the major „Elemental Music Education“ and the Master’s programme „Musikvermittlung - Music in Context“ is the only one of its kind in Austria.
The Institute views music pedagogy as an artistic activity, through which music and making music can be a joyous and lively experience.  Based on this understanding of music education, the programme focuses on inclusive and innovative concepts of collaborative learning and music making.  

The Institute of Music Education is divided into four study programmes:

  • Elemental Music Education (EMP) includes the Bachelor and the Master Programme Elemental Music Education, as well as the advanced training course Elemental Music Education.
  • Additionally, various elemental music courses are offered to a diverse audience, starting from early childhood, adolescent persons, to adults and senior citizens.
  • Instrumental / Voice / Composition includes various courses in music education (introductory and advanced courses, major modules and electives in music education) for students who are studying an instrument, voice,  composition, and/or instrumental pedagogy.
  • Mentoring is a vital aspect of the institute in which students receive supervision from  teachers in music schools (of various instruments) in a practical, classroom setting in the course „Musikschulpraktikum und Berufsinformation“
  • Musikvermittlung consists of the Master’s programme „Musikvermittlung - Music in Context“.

The Elementary Music Education programme starts the new semester and provides insights into artistic practice - music/movement/voice: