Degree programmes and university courses are completed with the conferring of a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Arts degree.

Registration for completion is submitted by form and must be submitted by the registration deadline specified for the respective examination date.

Registration deadlines:

  • by 31 October: Semester date for examinations in February / March
  • by 31 January: Summer date for examinations in May / June
  • by 31 May: Autumn/Fall date for examinations in September / October


A statistical survey on the occasion of graduation is obligatory for all students:
Please fill in and send off. Then print out the confirmation and present it at the study office.

Information on writing the Bachelor's/Master's thesis can be found in the following guidelines:

Guide for Bachelor’s thesis from study year 2023/24

Guide for Master’s thesis from study year 2023/24


Information on the final public examination can be found in the following information sheet:

Information sheet on applying for final public examinations

Information sheet on completion of Piano Supplementary Studies

Examination registration: In the Studies Office. Binding registration deadline - see homepage:

The prerequisites for the examination is the positive completion of all courses of the subject Didactics 1-3 and Teaching Practice of the ZKF 1-3, as well as, if applicable, a confirmation or, in the current examination semester, the valid registration of the outstanding courses of the ZKF subject Didactics 4 and ZKF Teaching Practice 4.

Form of the Examination:

The ZKF subject Didactics/Teaching Practice examination consists of at least one teaching sample (two teaching samples are desirable: One beginner lesson and one advanced lesson) and a didactic discussion. Total duration: 30-45 min.

Teaching Samples Examination Requirements:

  • The form of teaching is chosen in consultation with the person responsible for the course "Teaching Practice ZKF" and the examination candidate (individual, partner or small group teaching). The forms of teaching not chosen are discussed in the examination discussion. The examination framework must be organised in such a way that it is possible for the candidate to carry out the desired form of teaching.
  • The students must be known to the candidate. In the teaching samples, fundamental methodological skills should be recognisable and applied appropriately in relation to the respective student's personality.
  • The planned course of the teaching sample is to be outlined in writing and presented to the examination commission at the beginning of the teaching sample. In the teaching samples, deviations from this concept can be made depending on the situation and this procedure can be argued in the subsequent didactics discussion.

Didactics Discussion Examination Requirements:

The contents of the didactic discussion vary depending on the institute and instrument. The respective examination contents and requirement criteria of the examination are to be announced by the lecturers of the courses. In any case, the ability to justify methodical steps, the knowledge of different methodical procedures and the respective specialist literature must be proven.

For information on the degree/examination regulations - see homepage