Keyboard Instruments

The Keyboard Instrument Institute is one of the central institutes of the Anton Bruckner Private University. It has a dedicated team of distinguished teachers who offer students keyboard-instrument training using the most up-to-date methods.

The basic training comprises the principal study – piano, piano chamber music, accordion, organ and harpsichord – as well as all keyboard related subjects. Figured bass, organ improvisation, principles of organ building. Chamber music and vocal accompaniment also play a significant role in the studies. A further important aspect of the institute‘s profile is music pedagogy, in co-operation with the local music school system (Musikschulwerk).

Additional activities such as master classes, projects involving students from various classes and exchange concerts, offer students a stimulating environment, enabling them to assess their skills in comparison with other musicians. We set great store by close cooperation with other institutes and departments within the university, to promote innovative creative ideas.

The Keyboard Instrument Institute is also dedicated to the advancement of gifted students. A further priority is the study of historic instruments, the fortepiano and historic organs, both in Austria and abroad.

EPTA Austria - European Piano Teachers Association

In addition, the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) has been based at the Anton Bruckner Private University since 2006 (