Woodwind Instruments

The Woodwind Instruments Institute, with its internationally active staff, provides students with a sound artistic and artistic-pedagogic instrumental training in all fields of the classical wind players’ scene. One aspect of this is creating the prerequisites for a successful career in the traditional field of orchestral instrument training; the other involves the use of innovative teaching models in the artistic-pedagogic field to produce dynamic instrumental teachers in tune with the spirit of the times.

Intensive inter-disciplinary chamber music and the complete mastery of entire instrument families are essential cornerstones of the continuous work in the major artistic subject. Additionally, in the study and performance of Baroque and early Classical ​ chamber music​, ​special emphasis is placed ​​on implementing the insights provided by the study of historically-informed performance practice​ (the principle of rhetoric, the theory of affects, articulation, transparency in the form of "sound-speech" etc.).  

Regular workshops with distinguished international performers are a regular feature.