Sound Studio

The new Buckner University Sound Studio consists of three rooms: 

  • The recording studio
  • Sound control I – Stereo monitoring for Demo or CD productions, live recordings.
  • Sound control II – Dolby Surround 5.1 monitoring for multi-channel projects (contemporary and experimental music, film music and so on. )

By means of a high level network ring the Sound Studio is linked with all the concert rooms, with the large ensemble room of the Jazz Institute, and with the underground car park for facilitating external broadcasts by the ORF for example.

The Sound Studio has  high quality digital and analogue technology (for recording, editing, mixing and mastering), and an extensive microphone store.

The accoustic concept was developed by Tonarchitektur Willensdorfer/Wien.

The main focus of the Sound Studio:

  • Live recordings of Bruckner University concerts
  • Demo-recordings for auditions, competitions and so on
  • Media services for masters students
  • CD-Projects as an alternative to a masters thesis
  • Working in the Sound Studio is  a fixed module in various courses