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The Bruckner Alumni Network  supports professional exchange and further training opportunities, offers information and news,  and helps make and cultivate contacts. 

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Dear Alumni of the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität,

As artists, our professional careers and personal pathways are intrinsically collaborative and communicative. Together, we create artistic work and performances through communication with each other and our audiences. Through our artistic values, we make an immediate impact on society as pedagogues and cultural communicators. Many professional relationships and personal friendships begin during studying and/or working at a university, and many of these turn into life-long connections that influence our artistic and personal developments. The alumni network of the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität aims to support you to stay in touch with each other, and also to enable our current students, faculty and staff to benefit from your post-university life experience. I warmly invite you to participate in this exchange amongst former and current university citizens through this network and share the stories of our lives with us.

Martin Rummel

After completing my studies, I have always enjoyed keeping in touch with my musical alma mater, and many projects and performances have been realized since then - all the more reason for me to be delighted with the new function of chairman!

The new task motivates me very much and I hope to strongly connect and network all graduates with 'their Bruckneruni'.

Helmut Rogl
Composer and chairman of the Alumni Network