Nikolaus Harnoncourt Zentrum

On June 5, 2023, the Nikolaus Harnoncourt Zentrum (NHZ) at ABPU started its work and would like to briefly introduce itself:

The director Claudia Stobrawa MA can be reached at claudia.stobrawabruckneruniat

What is the role of the Nikolaus Harnoncourt Zentrum?
The Nikolaus Harnoncourt Zentrum (NHZ) has set itself the task of making Harnoncourt's universe accessible to posterity by digitizing its archive, which has been built up over seven decades, and making it accessible to the public and inviting research and discussion. The goal is not only a musicological research center, but its unique selling point is reflected in its interdisciplinary work as a forum for education. The NHZ sees itself as a "torchbearer" of Harnoncourt's universal worlds of thought and dares to look at larger contexts of the development of the last centuries in order to venture an outlook on the future.

The cultural-philosophical think tank will invite personalities of our time to deal with the current burning social issues. Young musicians should explore for themselves the meaning and inspiration of their music-making and find their fulfillment in it. In summer schools, Harnoncourt's companions will pass on his paths of discovery to the students. Throughout his life, the spiritual education of young people was of particular concern to him, the development of which he regarded with great concern. Together with the Upper Austrian Landesmusikschulwerk and the public music school in St. Georgen im Attergau, the NHZ will implement a pilot project for youth development in the spirit of Nikolaus Harnoncourt.