Tuition fees per semester

Degree students

  • Bachelor- und Master degrees : € 363,36 *
  • Doctoral Programmes: € 363,36 *
  • (new) Students from a non-EU/EEA country: € 726,72 *

University Courses

  • Audience Development – Music in Context: € 1.500 *

Preparatory studies

  • Academy for the Support of Gifted  Children: € 338,77
  • Academy for Contemporary Ballet: € 338,77

Further Training Courses:

  • Early Music and Historical Performance Practice Course:  € 363,36
  • Course in Conducting a Wind Orchestra:  € 363,36
  • Choral Conducting Course: € 600
  •  Elementary Music Pedagogy Course  € 363,36
  • Improvisation  in Teaching String Instruments:  € 600
  • Music Theatre Studio Course:  € 363,36
  • Urban Dance Styles Course (two years): € 1.000
  • Non Degree Course – guest studies per major subject:  € 363,36 *
  • Non Degree Course – guest studies per additional subject: € 200 *

* + Austrian Students Union fee including insurance for all degree and non-degree students, and participants in the „Audience Development – Music in Context” course from the academic year 2024/25:  € 24,70


An additional administrative fee of € 50 will be charged for late enrolment. The payment of the full tuition fee (see bruckneronline/Studienbeitragstatus) is required for admission to study or continuation of studies. Should the mandatory fee not be paid within the stipulated time admission to study will be terminated, or the first admission will be cancelled.

Any changes in nationality or name should be registered with the Faculty Office supported by the relevant documentation. Changes of address should be made by the student on bruckneronline.

When are the tuition fees to be paid?

Notification of extension of a semester is valid until the end of the period of grace for the following semester. Students who have been enrolled in the past semester therefore have the right, in the first two months of each semester, to attend courses, pass exams and submit research or performance work for evaluation.

Who must pay tuition fees?

All degree students, non-degree students and those studying in the Academy for Gifted Students must pay tuition fees.

Those students with more than one major study at the Anton Bruckner Private University are only required to pay the tuition fees once in each semester. Fees for other courses are to be paid extra.

Tuition fees paid to another university do not free students from payment of fees at the ABPU.

Who is exempt from tuition fees?

  • Students on leave of absence
  • Students attending a University, which has a partnership agreement with the Anton Bruckner Private University stating that no tuition fee is payable.

How are the tuition fees to be paid?

The tuition fees are to be paid by internet banking or at a bank. Please make sure to add the payment reference of the current semester (Zahlungsreferenz).