Audition BA Contemporary Dance


Please note the following information regarding the video audition for the BA studies: Contemporary Dance – Stage Dance / Performance / Dance Pedagogy.

The application period for the academic year 2022/23 (starting 1 October 2022) is from 1 February until 20 April 2022. The online registration can be found here.

After you have completed your online registration, you will receive information on how you can provide the links to your audition videos. The videos must be provided latest by 27 April 2022. This video audition is the first round of the audition process.

You have the possibility to either directly upload your videos or to upload a PDF with the links to your videos. Videos that are being uploaded must meet the following criteria:

  • Allowed file formats: MP4 or MOV
  • Duration per video: maximum 5 min
  • Size of video files: maximum 500 MB each
  • Number of uploaded videos: maximum 2

For your video application please follow the tasks and demonstration videos below. Please stick to the given time and make sure that your videos are labelled clearly.

               1. Please introduce yourself shortly in German or English (1 minute)

              What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from, what have you done so far

              and why would you like to study contemporary dance?

              2. Contemporary Dance (1.5 minutes)

              Please film yourself dancing the movement phrase of the video: Contemporary Demonstration.

              Please use the music provided in the video.

              3. Ballet-technique (3 Minutes)

              Please film yourself dancing all exercises of the video: Ballet Demonstration.

              Please use the music provided in the video.

              4. Improvisation task (2 minutes)

              Please film yourself dancing the following improvisation tasks.

  • Using the articulation of all your joints, play with the idea of folding and unfolding - from outside to inside / from inside to outside.
  • Use this idea to work with level changes. How does this take you down into the floor and up again? How many different levels can you explore?
  • Add changes of dynamic to your exploration. Work with relaxation as well as strength/tension. How can both inhabit the body at the same time?
  • Finally, play with different tempos. Can you play with different speeds, from very slow to very fast?


The commission reserves the right to make decisions regarding the allocation of study places based on the video application already.

By end of April 2022, you will be notified via email if you are invited to the second round in Linz at Anton Bruckner Private University on Friday 27 May 2022 from 09:00.

For the second round we ask you to prepare a short solo (max. 3 minutes).

In this 2nd round teachers of the institute will be working with the invited applicants intensively for one day. Besides warm-up, technical classes, the learning of choreographic material and the showing of your solo, the commission also would like to get into conversation with you individually.

Particular emphasis is placed on openness to artistic processes, musicality, physical flexibility and co-ordination, and rhythmic ability. Well-grounded abilities in contemporary dance and ballet are expected; however, in some cases movement potential and physical creativity are decisive for admission.

Please do understand that due to the high number of applicants we are not able to give feedback during the process.