Entrance Exams

Jazz und Improvised Music

Application period: 01.02. - 20.03.
You will receive an invitation to the general entrance exams/audition by e-mail upon completing online registration.

Music theory written exam (Bachelor programmes): please refer to the general information regarding entrance exams


Artistic Presentation („Schwerpunkt“, Bachelor, Master):

Your video must meet the following technical criteria (upload until 29.03.2023):

  • You must upload your videos at the latest one week after the end of the registration period
  • Permissible formats:
  • MP4 or MOV or
  • Alternatively, you can upload a PDF with links (soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, etc.), where the exam commission can view your video
  • Duration per video: max. 5 minutes
  • Video size: max. 500 MB
  • Number of videos submitted: max. 2

IMPORTANT: Only videos that meet the above criteria will be admitted to the entrance examination!

Your video must meet the following content criteria:

for Bachelor - &  Schwerpunkt - Studies

  • 2 to 5 examples of different own musical performances (it can also be only parts of pieces)
  • There are no stylistic specifications
  • They can also be "standards
  • Own compositions are welcome, but not obligatory
  • at least one of the pieces should be performed, if possible, with an ensemble (also duo/trio is valid).
  • Individuality & creativity are primarily important
  • Basic skills on the instrument, jazz-related improvisation, melody formation, rhythmic responsiveness and sense of form must be clearly recognisable.

A short introduction of yourself and a description of your motivation in German or English (why you want to study at the JIM, what the expectations are for your studies) must be included on the video. The question of whether you would move your center of life to Linz if you were admitted must also be mentioned.  This point can also be answered in writing as a pdf.

for Master- Studies

  • The video should contain a short self presentation (documentation/presentation of the          musical skills on the instrument)
  • and include a short presentation on the concept of the planned Master thesis,
  • In addition, ideas should be presented on how the Master's topic can be communicated to
  • other students during their studies at the institute (e.g. ensembles, workshops, lectures etc.)


Subject to changes!