Funded traineeships abroad for undergraduates and graduates

A traineeship abroad as part of the EU programme „Erasmus+“ provides the opportunity to acquire international and intercultural work experience as well as to improve foreign language skills and gain additional qualifications.

Host organisations for student placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations. Excluded are diplomatic representations (embassies and consulates) of the student’s home country and European Union institutions such as the European Parliament. An internship of minimum two and up to twelve months can already be applied for after completion of the first year of study. 

Erasmus traineeships are carried out on the basis of a traineeship contract, the so-called Training Agreement. This agreement is made between the student, the sendng institution (= ABPU) and the receiving organisation and must be recognized by the home higher education institution.

Every student can spend up to 12 months within one study cycle abroad with the financial assistance of the EU!


Requirements for an Erasmus+ Traineeship

  • The traineeship must involve at least 30 hours a week
  • Duration: between 2 and 12 months (depending on previous mobility stays during the study cycle)
  • There is NO provision for one-to-one artistic/performance teaching
  • Internship announcements: sometimes made via partner universities or data banks (see below)
  • Deadline for handing in Training Agreement and Data-Sheet to the Erasmus Coordinator at ABPU: six weeks before the intended starting date
  • The student is responsible for organizing her/his own insurance protection abroad
  • Traineeships are voluntary, however, those supported by Erasmus+ must be mentioned in the diploma supplement. Therefore, every student who has completed an Erasmus traineeship must apply to the Admissions Office for a diploma supplement at the end of their studies.

Application Procedure

Recommended documentation for a traineeship application (in English):

  • CV (curriculum vitae, résumé)
  • Letter of Motivation (personal statement, approx. 1 A4 page)
  • Short letter of recommendation from a professor
  • Confirmation of enrolment

As soon as you have confirmation of your placement: contact the International Office at the ABPU.
Prepare the necessary forms for applying for funding through Erasmus+:

  • Set up a Training Agreement with the receiving institution
  • Fill out the Data-Sheet (OeAD application form)
  • Secure suitable insurance protection!

Application deadlines

  • With the host institution: Apply at the host institution from approximately a year to at least 6 months before the desired starting date.
  • With the International Office: Once the traineeship has been confirmed, hand in the completed Traineeship Agreement and the Data Sheet (OeAD application form) minimum 6 weeks before the starting date.

What is offered

An Erasmus traineeship can either be combined with an Erasmus Student Mobility or be completed separately.

  • Opportunity to take advantage of an OLS online language course in a minority language
  • EU traineeship contract between university, host institution and student (= Erasmus Training Agreement)
  • Recognition of voluntary traineeships in your Diploma Supplement.
  • A monthly allowance will be paid via the Erasmus+ programme.
  • In the cultural sector traineeships often remain unpaid, however, there may be exceptions. Regardless, the amount of payment has no influence on the level of the financial support provided through Erasmus+.