Regular students of the Anton Bruckner Private University have the opportunity to study at partner institutions in the participating countries* after completing their first year of study through the Erasmus+ programme. Students not only cultivate the ability to orientate themselves in other (academic) systems and to navigate the teaching and learning methods of a foreign university, but also expand their social and intercultural competences, get to know interesting people, new languages and customs, expand their network and increase their professional prospects. Further advantages of studying abroad:

  • academic recognition at the ABPU of the academic achievements gained abroad (keyword: Learning Agreement)
  • exemption from tuition fees for the duration of the mobility (exception: ÖH fee)
  • support in all phases from preparation to completion by the responsible Erasmus offices
  • special grants for students with child(ren)
  • special grants for students with disabilities
  • last but not least: the experience of a lifetime awaits!


*Although Switzerland is no longer eligible since 2014/15, it finances exchange students from its own funds with the help of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). For more information, see the menu item on the right.



  • You are enrolled as a regular student at ABPU
  • You have completed your first year of studies before planning to study abroad
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the national or working language of your chosen institution
  • You are planning to study abroad in a programme country that is neither Austria nor your country of residence
  • Both home and host institution have a valid Erasmus+ Charter (ECHE)

Rights and obligations of students in the Erasmus+ Programme are regulated in the "Erasmus+ Student Charter".

Application and Deadlines

Unfortunately, there is no standardised form for applying for an Erasmus place at the partner universities. The ABPU, as well as many other European music universities, uses the online application portal EASY:

You can submit up to 3 applications, which must be received by 15 March 2021. This deadline applies to applications for both the winter and summer semester.

Be sure to observe any earlier application deadlines of the universities of your choice and adhere to them!

You submit your applications via EASY, unless the application criteria of the preferred partner universities clearly state otherwise: If it is not possible to apply via the EASY portal, the application documents are to be submitted on time either via other online portals, by e-mail or by post. Sending application documents by e-mail or post must be done through the Erasmus Office of the ABPU. Please find out about the applicable guidelines on the websites of the institutions of your choice as early as possible and contact the Erasmus Office of the Bruckner University.

You are exempt from the regular tuition fees at both the ABPU and the host institution for the duration of your study abroad. However, you are still obliged to pay the regular ÖH fee at the ABPU on time, as this is the prerequisite for a valid further enrolment, otherwise you risk being de-registered as a student at ABPU and thereby losing your eligibility for the Erasmus-programme.

Application procedure

There are many different reasons for applying for an Erasmus mobility at any particular university: whether it is an interest in the culture and language of the host country, the reputation of the institution and its teachers, or simply breaking out of your usual habits and comfort zone: exciting and enriching experiences that you will never forget are guaranteed!

In a first step, inform the responsible Erasmus coordinator of the ABPU by e-mail about your interest in going abroad. Please use only your student e-mail address ( and state what you are studying, in which semester you currently are, in which period you would like to go abroad (academic year or semester) and whether you have already completed earlier mobilities via the Erasmus+ funding programme in the past. Start filling in the Erasmus+ Mobility Student Application Form right away and consider this form as a worksheet to help you prepare and compile your application documents.

Main subject teachers and heads of your institute must be informed promptly – they can also give you valuable suggestions and recommendations as to which partner institutions they think could be particularly interesting or beneficial for your professional development. You can apply to up to three universities, so check the specific application criteria and deadlines on the respective websites quickly!


Documents for a complete application

  • Erasmus+ Mobility Student Application Form
  • Declaration of responsibility
  • Transcript of Records (available in the faculty office, Studienbüro)
  • CV with photo (tabular curriculum vitae; in the national language or in English)
  • Letter of motivation with date and signature, addressed to the desired lecturer(s) or to the head of the institute: description of personal reasons for choosing this particular university, avoid empty phrases! (approx. 1 A4 page, in the national language or in English)
  • Letter of recommendation from the main subject teacher (with subject "ERASMUS+", date and signature; for non-German-speaking countries in English)
  • (Video) recordings (usually two to three pieces of different styles, with certification by the main teacher)
  • Study Plan or Learning Agreement (see below for instructions on completing the Learning Agreement)
  • Scan of the photo page of a valid official ID (i.e. passport)

Erasmus+ Mobility Student Application Form and Declaration of Personal Responsibility are for internal use and filing at the Erasmus Office of the Bruckner University. Be sure to fill out the Student Application Form digitally so that changes and ongoing additions can be implemented until the point of gathering the required signatures.

Only use your student e-mail address ( to register with EASY and follow the necessary steps in the EASY Student Manual.

Duration of Studies and Scholarship under ERASMUS +

The duration of studies is a minimum of three to a maximum of twelve months per study cycle. Only the active study period, and presence in the host country therein, is eligible for funding. The mobility period must take place within the academic year: You can either study at a partner university for the whole academic year (both semesters), or only for one summer or winter semester.

Studying at a foreign institution is financially supported by the EU in the form of a grant, the amount of which varies depending on the cost of living in the destination country. The ERASMUS+ mobility grant is therefore not a full grant, but a subsidy to help cover the costs in the host country.

Instructions for the Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is the core of your application and your personal study plan. When choosing your courses, first follow your study plan and check off everything you have already completed or will have completed by the time you start your studies abroad. Now select, from the courses that are still open, those that you would like to acquire and have credited at ABPU by completing equivalent courses at the host institution. As a guideline, you should complete courses amounting to 30 ECTS per semester (60 ECTS per academic year), whereby the absolute minimum for the mobility grant is 3 ECTS per month of the mobility – otherwise you could retroactively lose your eligibility for funding!

It is essential to contact the chairperson of the Studies Commission in good time beforehand to make sure that the courses can be credited.

Selection and notification

A study place can only be expected – regardless of the quality of the application – if the lecturers at the desired institutions have sufficient capacity. The notification of the selection result by the partner university takes place at different times; experience has shown that enquiries at the partner universities do not accelerate the process.

The decision is communicated in different ways: As soon as the Erasmus Office receives a decision, you will be informed immediately by email. Please contact the Erasmus Office of the ABPU as soon as you are offered a place. It is perfectly understandable to want to take a few days to think about it before you make a binding acceptance or cancellation, but do not hesitate too long.


Mobility under Erasmus+ or under a bilateral agreement does not include automatic insurance cover. Students are obliged to take care of their own insurance cover and must at the very least have adequate health insurance in order to be admitted to study. There are different regulations depending on the country of origin:

  • Students from European Union (EU) countries receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) via their regional medical health insurance provider, which is usually located on the back of the e-Card.
  • Students from non-EU countries must make their own arrangements and show proof of adequate insurance cover when enrolling at the host institution.

It is further advisable to take out sufficient accident, liability, as well as travel and repatriation insurance, and under the given circumstances to pay particular attention to the scope of benefits in the context of CoViD-19. The ABPU is not liable for the consequences of non-insurance or underinsurance.

Final steps

Before you bid farewell to your host university, you will receive your Confirmation of Stay and your Transcript of Records. Check everything for accuracy and completeness on site and send scans of these documents to the Erasmus Office of the Bruckner University immediately.

The study period abroad and the examinations taken at the partner institution must be credited to the ABPU’s faculty office within two months after the end of the Erasmus mobility, based on an evaluation by the chairperson of the Studies Commission. For this purpose, you have to submit the final version of the Learning Agreement and the complete transcript of records to the chairperson of the Studies Commission.

Last but not least, you submit a narrative report about your time abroad to the Erasmus Office of the ABPU: you can depict what was great or could be improved at any stage of the mobility – from the preparation period to settling-in in the host country, the quality of the teaching and the local way of life – to share your valuable experience and inspire other students to study abroad themselves!