Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility

ERASMUS+ is a program established by the European Union to promote the mobility of all university members (teachers, students as well as members of the administration and service units) within the EU. An Erasmus+ teaching mobility enables university teachers to spend a teaching period, a training period or a combination of a period of teaching and training at a partner university in a participating country or in a non-associated third country.

Mobilities can be organized to EU member states (except Austria as sending country), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia. Mobilities to non-associated third countries need to be discussed individually.

Aims of the Erasmus+ teaching assignments:

  • to promote the expansion and enrichment of the range of courses offered at universities
  • to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of academic and pedagogical methods
  • to create and promote co-operation between universities

Aims of the Erasmus+ training assignments:

  • to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, practical skills and the exchange of specific information abroad
  • to further develop skills relevant to the current position as well as further professional development
  • to enable participation in a training activity abroad relevant to the daily work at the institution for higher education. The activity may take the form of training events (excluding conferences) or periods of job shadowing and observation.

An Erasmus+ teaching assignment can only be carried out at Erasmus+ partner universities of the ABPU. The teaching assignment must be integrated in the study program of the partner institution. A mutual invitation of a teacher of the partner university to the ABPU is encouraged, but not obligatory.

An Erasmus+ training can also take place at an institution without a partnership agreement with the ABPU.


  • minimum duration of an Erasmus+ teaching assignment: two days, average duration: 3 days, not including travel days 
  • minimum number of teaching hours: total of 8 hours
  • in case of a combined teaching and training period, 4 hours of teaching are required
  • for training activities, a work schedule has to be established
  • sustainable mobility planning must be taken into consideration

Preparation & Organization

  • contact the partner university or the inviting teacher
  • obtain an invitation from the partner university (an e-mail from the inviting teacher is sufficient)
  • Application Deadline:
    • it is recommended to submit your application by the end of the previous summer semester
    • during the academic year: contact the Erasmus+ Coordination before submitting the application to find out if there is still budget available for the requested mobility
  • submission of Application Form, with invitation of the partner institution (incl. description of the objectives, content and added value of the mobility)
  • acknowledgement of the processing of data in the context of the mobility according to the following privacy statement
  • after discussing individual aspects of your mobility, the Erasmus+ Coordination will send you the following forms already partially filled in (for a detailed list of relevant forms, please refer to the APBU Staff Mobility Information Document)
  • fill in the highlighted parts of the forms
  • submission of the completed documents (Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement, Erasmus+ Travel Application) to the Erasmus+ Coordination 6 to 8 weeks in advance, if possible
  • the entire application is submitted by the Erasmus+ Coordination to the President’s Office for approval
  • training applications are additionally submitted to the Personnel Office
  • the Grant Agreement is prepared after the Erasmus+ Travel Application and Mobility Agreement have been signed

During Your Stay Abroad

  • It is mandatory to keep the A-1 form provided by the ABPU Personnel Office with you at all times during your trip. It serves as a certificate regarding the insurance regulations that apply to you as well as a confirmation that you do not have to pay any contributions in another country.
  • You must obtain a confirmation of the duration of your stay (Confirmation of Stay), which must be signed by the partner university (either take it with you from the ABPU Erasmus Coordination Office or ask at the partner university).

After The Stay Abroad

  • Confirmation of Stay signed by the host university, to be submitted to the Erasmus+ Coordination Office
  • Travel Receipts (travel expense receipts, boarding passes, hotel costs) should be submitted to the Personnel Office/Travel Office as soon as possible - reimbursement will be based on actual costs (Costs for taxi rides will only be reimbursed in justified exceptional cases after written explanation) according to the travel reimbursement regulations of the State of Upper Austria.
  • Submission of Reports
    • obligatory: EU-Survey
      • ideally within one week of receiving the relevant e-mail request
      • the payment of the reimbursement will be issued after the receipt of the completed EU-Survey
      • if the report is not submitted on time, 1/3 of the financial grant may be withheld until the final report is submitted
    • prepare a narrative report for the ABPU (approx. one A4 page), submit it per e-mail to the Erasmus Coordination with the director of the institute or subject coordinator in cc on the e-mail (will be forwarded to the President).
    • oral report in the context of institute conferences is encouraged