Green travel top-up for students and recent graduates

Students and recent graduates who choose to travel in an environmentally friendly way receive a one-time special grant (Green travel top-up) of EUR 50,- and additional individual support for up to four days of travel. This serves as an incentive to use climate-friendly and lower-emission (public) means of transport, such as train and bus, or carpooling with at least two other people.

Students and graduates with fewer opportunities

This group includes:

  • Students who receive the Austrian study grant (österreichische Studienbeihilfe)
  • Students with children in need of care who are taken along to the place of study/internship
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students with a chronic illness, provided that an increased financial expense (compared to the stay in the sending country) can be proven

Students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities receive a special grant to cover additional costs incurred in the course of the mobility. This is a monthly top-up of EUR 250,- which is added to the monthly grant amount.

In addition, students or recent graduates embarking on funded mobility in a partner country (excluding UK and Switzerland) are entitled to a one-off travel grant. In the case of environmentally friendly travel using lower-emission means of transport (see above), a higher one-off grant and up to four additional funded travel days may be awarded.

Should the top-up for students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities not be sufficient to cover the increased financial effort compared to the stay in the sending country, inclusion support can be applied for in case of disability or chronic illness.

Erasmus+ participants with a disability or chronic illness can apply for inclusion support to cover their increased financial costs (compared to the stay in the sending country).