Early Music Courses

Academy for Early Music and Historical Performance Practice
You love early music, and want to be conversant with the principles of historical performance practice?

You would like to experience the many and varied faces of “Tradition”?

The Anton Bruckner Private University offers a 4-semester advanced course „Early Music and Historical Performance Practice“. The goal pursued in this course is to put an understanding of performance practice interrelations into use in the current artistic environment. It broadens fundamental knowledge through text and context and leads to an artistic and practical dialogue on western music since the late Middle Ages.

The Anton Bruckner Private University has reproduction historical keyboard, wind and string instruments available for this purpose. Chamber music, a baroque orchestra, vocal ensemble and historical dance provide opportunities for exchanges of ideas and collaboration, also for exponents on “modern” instruments. The course is structured so that it can be attended by working people, or concurrently with other forms of training. To take part in this course, it is necessary to pass an entrance examination. Successful graduates will be awarded a course diploma.

The “International Days for Early Music" are organised annually, as a forum for the Early Music scene. A high-calibre team of international guest lecturers and lecturers from the Anton Bruckner Private University work with participants from Austria and its neighbouring countries.

Admission requirements and dates