Course Urban Dance Styles



The Urban Dance Styles (UDS) course is aimed at people with previous dance training. A high interest in urban dance cultures, the desire for artistic development and the willingness to focus and work independently are basic requirements for this course.

The UDS course focuses on the understanding of urban dance cultures with their social and societal aspects, the physical and coordinative training of urban dance techniques and a pedagogical-didactic discourse.

Provided with a sound basis, the participants learn an independent and creative approach to the material and develop it further themselves in pedagogical and artistic terms.

The combination of attendance on selected weekends, two to three block weeks per academic year (3-5 days each) and e-learning support allows for part-time study. Including one-day excursions, job shadowing and final theses, the workload corresponds to approximately 10 hours per week, depending on previous dance training.

The course ends after 2 years with 60 ECTS and the degree "Academic Trainer for Urban Dance Styles". With the start of the course, the participants commit themselves to the entire training period of 4 semesters.


  • Minimum age: 16 years

  • Duration: 4 semesters

  • Time required: The course takes place once a month.

  • Degree: Academic Trainer for Urban Dance Styles

  • Tuition fee: see here

  • Factsheet Urban Dance Styles

The final examinations consist of practical and theoretical elements

  • Presentation of a solo and a group piece (public performance)
  • written paper on a topic of urban dance
  • written examination
  • teaching practice
  • Markus Eggensperger
    course director, lecturer for urban dance, author
    Departments: Pedagogy | Didactics & Methodology | Entrepreneurship
  • Johannes Randolf
    Physiotherapist, lecturer for contemporary dance, author
    Departments: Anatomy | Physiology
  • Niels "Storm" Robitzky
    international expert of the urban dance scene, author
    faculty: urban dance technique | dance history
  • international guest teachers