Course for Choral Conducting

The extramural course for choral conducting is aimed primarily at choirmasters in the amateur sector as well as graduates of the choral conducting courses offered by the provincial music schools who would like to broaden and deepen their knowledge and experience of choral conducting.

Teaching goals

The problem-free mastery of choral literature and the techniques of conducting and rehearsing. The preparation of choral literature ranging from sophisticated folksongs to demanding a cappella pieces; and accompanied choral music up to, for example, Carmina Burana (Carl Orff), the Liebeslieder Waltzes and the Mozart Requiem. Graduates should be able to sing these works, play them at the piano and conduct them, so that they are in a position to rehearse such pieces with the choir alone at the piano.

Target group

Ambitious choirmasters from the amateur sector who want to be flexible enough to adapt their approach to the talents of the particular choir, and to equip themselves with a well-founded professional technique for the conducting of choral music. Basic conducting experience and musicality are important pre-requisites, as are adequate piano skills and an aptitude for singing. In this way we aim to interest both choral-conducting graduates from music schools and members of choral societies.

Teaching content

On the curriculum are subjects such as piano for choral conductors, conducting, ear training (sight reading) and singing. In addition there is work experience, including visits to choirs of all kinds, and an opportunity to work with them. 


The main admission requirement is a successful entrance exam. The course can be studied parallel to a working life and lasts from four to six semesters.


After all subjects have been successfully completed and the final examination has been passed a diploma will be issued by the ABPU.

Admission information