Konstantina Polychronopoulou - Dance/Choreography/Composition

Visible Music: Between Dance, Choreography and Composition.

In my artistic-academic doctoral project, I examine the relationship between composers and choreographers and explore how both can work together and respond meaningfully to each other’s artistic disciplines. Furthermore, I am interested in how the bodily expression of dancers depends on music and content.

There exists only a limited amount of documentation that follows the creative exchange between composer, choreographer and dancer. In an artistic research approach, I aim to collaborate with different choreographers, of varied ages and personal artistic style using different genres of music in my compositions for their choreographies.

I document the emerging synergic creative process between the choreographer and myself as composer and monitor the process in both directions. I test my findings systematically and professionally by videotaping sessions, using research journal, conducting interviews, and analysing and evaluating the data material in a systematic process. Later, the findings feed back into the artistic practice and pedagogical approach.

I intend to develop a database to further explore the dynamics of these different entities, to bring them into a larger dialogue and to search for new relationships. To this end, I analyse choreographies and compositions of well-known performances in a comparative process.

My aim is to develop a theory that brings musicians, choreographers and dancers into a closer relationship that raises awareness of each other to create a strong connection between their worlds.

First supervisor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Barbara Lüneburg, ABPU     
Second supervisor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schroedter, mdw
Third supervisor: Darrel Toulon, ABPU


Konstantina Polychronopoulou is a versatile artist who completed her piano studies with honours and graduated cum laude from the Hellenic American University with a degree in Music Theory and Composition. She holds a master’s degree in “Science of Education—Music Education” from the University of Nicosia. Her studies abroad include piano and chamber music lessons at the Malmö Music Academy, Sweden. Engaging in a diverse range of seminars, including piano, composition, singing, musical improvisation, vocal music therapy, and music therapy; she also pursued acting and kinesiology lessons.

She is an adjunct faculty member of the Hellenic American University and works as a piano and theory teacher for the Ph. Nakas Conservatory at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Since 2013 she has been teaching music theory and history to dance students, primarily through movement development at professional dance schools. In 2022, her book Music and Body, a handbook on music for dance students and performers was published by Nasos. In 2019 she created LINK, a music/dance performance based on the principles of musical composition.

Polychronopoulou composes music for choreographies and dance videos by renowned choreographers. Her compositions have been performed at international festivals by distinguished ensembles such as the Aeolos Woodwind Quintet, the String Quartet L’anima and the Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music.

As a doctoral student in the artistic-academic doctoral programme at the Anton Bruckner Private University, she draws on her wealth of experience, allowing her to understand and establish relationships between the disciplines of dance and music.