Enrique Mendoza Mejia – Composition

Electroacoustic composition for hybrid diffusion systems

In my research, I focus on combining sound diffusion systems to create expanded 3D sound fields for the composition of electroacoustic music. As part of my methodology, I use a hybrid diffusion system meaning a mixture of headphones, speaker arrays and physical environments to create interconnected layers of sound fields. Of particular interest for my investigation are the affordances that interactions between natural or artificially constructed sound field layers produce concerning creation and perception. The development of hybrid diffusion systems offers many possible set-ups and applications, in addition to artistic and technical ramifications that I will explore. Advances in 3D audio technology open new spaces for perceiving spatialized music making it more accessible for me as a creator and a wider audience.

Some of the questions raised by these concepts are: What are the sonic traits produced by listening layers of sound-fields trough a hybrid diffusion system and what are the interactions with my compositional practice artistically and technically? What audio mixing techniques and monitoring systems set-ups generate a more detailed sound localization within the different diffusion systems and how these systems influence each other to achieve interconnected sound-fields? What is an audio mixing method that gives a consistent framework to make the compositional process more fluid and creative? What are the challenges of presenting the music live and broadcasting it?

Employing practice-based research, I aim to address these questions systematically through my practice as a composer. I will create compositions of automated electroacoustic spatialized music experimenting in hybrid sound diffusion systems to achieve new immersive listening experiences.

First supervisor: Univ.Prof. Dr. Volkmar Klien, ABPU
Second supervisor: Univ.Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Evangelista, mdw



Enrique Mendoza from Mexico City is a musician specialising in acousmatic music and live electronics. His electro-acoustic composition and performance put into play DIY analog oscillators, lo-fi mini-synths, custom software, production music technology, and multi-channel systems. He works alongside performers to break new ground and gain specific insights into the instruments and the performer’s expression.

In 2020, he was invited as Artist-in-Residence at the Museums Quartier to compose a multi-channel piece for the Tonspur Kunstverein Wien.

The KulturKontakt Austria and the AIR-Niederösterreich programme in cooperation with the Federal Chancellery of Austria selected Enrique as Composer-in-Residence in 2017 and 2019. In 2014 Mendoza released the Album “Below Sea Level”, edited by Future Music Records in London. The Independent Music Awards in New York nominated his piece “Cassiopeia” as “Best Instrumental Song 2014”. He represented Mexico in the 51st International Rostrum of Composers held at Unesco in Paris, as well as in the 59th edition, organized by the International Music Council in Stockholm. Enrique has received commissions, awards, and grants from Institutions and Ensembles around Europe, USA, Asia and Mexico.

Since 2005, Mendoza has taught composition, sound and image, and music production in several Universities and Institutions in Mexico. From 2019 on, he has been a professor at the National Cinematographic Arts School, UNAM, MX. Enrique has a Master’s degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and he is currently undertaking an artistic doctorate at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria.