The Anton Bruckner Private University was originally founded as a  school for singing. In 1932 it became a conservatorium, and this Bruckner Conservatorium, supported by the Province of Upper Austria, was granted accredited Private University status in 2004. 

Univ.Prof. Ursula Brandstätter has been the Rector of the Anton Bruckner Private University since 2012. In October 2015 the Bruckner University  moved into new premises at the foot of the Pöstlingberg in Linz Urfahr, purpose-built by the the Province of Upper Austria.



1823Foundation as a school of singing
1932Creation as a conservatory of music
1970Move to a new building in Wildbergstraße
2004Conversion of the conservatory to a private university funded by the Upper Austrian government
2011Ground-breaking ceremony for the new building on the site of Hagen Castle, Pöstlingberg
2015 Move to the new building in Hagenstraße and start of the first academic year in the new building in October