Music Theatre Studio Course


The extramural Music Theatre Studio Course is primarily intended for singers who have completed a BA/MA in vocal studies, who are interested in singing professionally, and who are about to audition for opera houses and agents. The  Music Theatre Studio Course is intended to provide them with significant support.


A completed BA or MA degree in vocal studies is an advantage, but it is not an entry requirement. Singers are admitted to the Music Theatre Studio Course after an audition, when they should demonstrate that their vocal technique is ready for the stage.  They are not entitled to principal study voice lessons. 

Teaching aims

During the Music Theatre Studio Course the young singers concentrate on the comprehensive skills that are currently required of young singers, when they have a stage engagement. Primary focus is on areas which are seldom addressed in a singing course. Questions of interpretation and the creation of roles will be included in the training, as well as intensive preparation for auditions, and a knowledge of legal matters (contracts, insurance, tax regulations). 


Role creation, interpretation choices,  study of particular roles, stage effects, training for auditions, styling and makeup, compiling   application material,and auditioning for agents, intendants and conductors, are on the study plan. From the wide range of courses  at the Anton Bruckner Private University musicological modules can also be chosen. 


When the  prescribed courses have been brought to a positive conclusion, and a succesful vocal performance has been given,  the ABPU will award the participant a certificate.

Admission and entrance examination