Admission process for the artistic doctoral programme

Admission to the artistic doctoral programme is based on a three-stage, qualitative selection process.

1. Applicants must submit the following application materials in either German or English:

  • A copy of their Master’s thesis, Diploma thesis, or comparable written work gained in a subject-appropriate Masters-, Diploma, or equivalent course of study
  • A motivation letter
  • A description and documentation of previous artistic and academic studies, artistic experience, and competencies
  • A written agreement of a principal supervisor at the Anton Bruckner Private University and a co-supervisor at a partnering educational institution (both academic supervision and artistic supervision are required)
  • A research exposé for the proposed dissertation project (topic, research questions, methods, literature)

Click here for guidelines on the development of a research exposé for the application.

Click here for a checklist intended to help you in the application process.

2. A review of the fulfilment of the qualitative admission requirements will be conducted by the Dean of Studies on the basis of the written submission.

3. In the case of positive assessment of the written submission, applicants will be invited to give an oral presentation of their doctoral project before the doctoral committee in an admission colloquium setting in order to demonstrate their academic and artistic potential for the accomplishment of the doctoral programme. Applicants will present their research concept and engage in a subsequent discussion about the research questions, the current state of research and literature, and methods. 

Application deadline for entry in the Winter semester of 2021/2022: 19.02.2021            

Click here for an anonymous upload link for your application documents: Uploadlink
To upload your documents, select all the documents and compress them into a zip file with your name on it (e.g., If you have forgotten documents, you can upload them later, but also with your first and last name in the document title. Please include examples of your artistic work in a text document as online links for download or streaming. Please note: Online links must remain available for the duration of the entire admission procedure. When you have uploaded your file, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt of your documents on the website itself.