Declaration on the Transfer of Rights to Performances and Theses

The student grants Anton Bruckner Private University (ABPU) the exclusive and transferable right, free of charge, to record his/her performances in the course of studies at the ABPU on sound and image carriers of any kind and to reproduce, copy and distribute these in the form of analogue and/or digital sound carriers and/or image or picture carriers or in the form of electronic data transmission in any current or future technical process or format in any configuration and on any carrier (data carrier)and to reproduce, distribute, rent, lend, broadcast or otherwise exploit them and to publicly reproduce them in any form.

In particular, this also includes the right to display productions or parts thereof on the ABPU homepage or to make them available for download, as well as the right to use or pass on photographs taken in the course of the study or production on the homepage, in publications, etc., and for the ABPU's press and public relations work.

The granting of rights extends to all performances made by the student as part of the course of study and to all copyrights, title rights and ancillary copyrights to which the student is entitled in respect of the works presented. The granting of rights also extends to claims to remuneration and participation as well as to all currently known and future rights and types of use.

If the student performs together with third parties (hereinafter referred to as "third parties") who are not students of ABPU, the student undertakes that these third parties shall grant ABPU all exploitation and ancillary copyrights to the performances free of charge. A sample of such a declaration can be provided to the student by ABPU. The student must ensure that the third parties provide these declarations of consent. In the event that legal claims are asserted by third parties regarding the settlement of rights, the student undertakes to indemnify and hold ABPU harmless. The obligation to indemnify and hold ABPU harmless shall also apply to any claims of third parties arising from the protection of images pursuant to § 78 Urheberrechtsgesetz (Copyright Act) and claims for use pursuant to § 1041 Allgemeines bürgerliches Gesetzbuch - ABGB (General Civil Code).

Furthermore, the student hereby grants ABPU the right, free of charge and for an unlimited period of time, to archive the electronic primary and secondary editions of his/her theses (e.g. Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, dissertation) in accordance with the respective technical standards and to make them available online on the Internet to an undefined group of persons free of charge and for an unlimited period of time. The student is aware that minor changes to the form, scope or presentation of the work cannot be ruled out from the outset in the case of data migration for technical reasons and has no objections in this regard.

The student has the possibility to apply for access restriction (so-called "blocking request") of his/her work for a maximum of five years. After expiration of the specified period, the work will be made available.

Personal data is processed during the exploitation of the above-mentioned performances and works.