Transfer of the rights to performances and final papers

The student assigns free of charge to the Anton Bruckner Private University (ABPU) the exclusive and transferable right to preserve by any means of aural or visual reproduction his or her performances undertaken in connection with studies at ABPU and to reproduce, distribute, rent, lend, or otherwise make use of these performances in any kind of public way, unrestricted in the form of analog and/or digital sound recordings and/or visual or audio-visual recordings, using all kinds of electronic data transfer systems in any present and future technical means or format, in every configuration and on every carrier (data transfer system).

Also included in particular is the right to place performances or parts of performances on the homepage of the ABPU and/or to make them available for downloading, as well as the right to use and/or transmit photographs that were taken in the course of the study program or performances on the homepage, in publications, etc., as well as to use them for ABPU press and publicity purposes.

The representational assigning of copyright applies to all the performances that students have produced in the course of their studies as well as to all the author, title, and participation rights belonging to the students presenting these works. The assigning of rights also applies to remuneration and participation claims as well as to all the ways and means of utilization that are known presently and in the future.

The student also agrees herewith to assign to the ABPU for an unlimited period of time, and without charging any remuneration, the rights to archive the electronic primary and/or secondary output of his or her final papers (e.g. Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, Dissertation) in a suitable technical format, and to place this work online in the internet, thus allowing it to be accessible to a non-specific group of recipients free of charge and without a time limit. The student is aware that when this data transfer occurs, slight changes in the form, length or representation of the work may take place, because of technical reasons, and so will not raise objections to this.

The student has the right to request an access restriction (“Sperrantrag”) to his/her work for a maximum of 5 years. After the expiration of the defined period, the work will be made available again.

Personal data are processed for the utilization of the above-mentioned performances and final papers. For further information, please go to the data protection declaration for students (“Datenschutzerklärung für Studierende”) at