ATTENTION! Registration for courses on bruckneronline is only possible when enrolment has been completed!

  • Winter semester 2018/19
    Enrolment takes place from 10 September to 5 October 2018
    Late enrolment*: 6 October to 30 November 2018

  • Summer semester 2019
    Enrolment takes place from 10 February to 5 March 2019
    Late enrolment*: 6 March to 30 April 2019

* An additional administrative fee of € 50 is to be paid for late enrolment.

Important information for students

With the Subject Matter Data Protection Amendment Act 2018 taking effect, Private Universities are being incorporated into the “Data Sharing of Universities and Higher Education Institutions” (§ 7a Education Documentation Act). This comes along with the extended implementation of the nationalized system of enrolment numbers in Private Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, a system that as of yet had only been used by Public Universities and Universities of Education. This development calls for an exchange of the up to now distributed enrolment numbers of the ABPU for the new nationalized numbers.

The consequence for students is that their student ID cards need to be reissued. Old ID cards cannot be used within the university from 6th August 2018 onwards.

New ID cards can be picked up at the Faculty Office from 27th August 2018.

An enrolment number serves the purpose of identifying a student within a register of persons. Each University and University of Applied Sciences distributes such a number to each ongoing student upon enrolment. Each number is only distributed once in order to guarantee an indisputable identification. 

From now on enrolment numbers will consist of eight digits and are composed in the following way:

Digit 1 represents the institution of first-time admission
1,2 or 3 Universities
4 Universities of Education
5 Universities of Applied Sciences
6 Private Universities

Digits 2 and 3 represent the academic year of admission
Digits 4 to 8 are made up of a consecutive number.