IDA - The Institute of Dance Arts offers a Bachelor Program, Master's Programmes, two extramural studies,  and is part of the PhD Program of the Anton Bruckner Private University.

At IDA, more than 100 students from many parts of the world study and train in an artistic, pedagogical and exploratory learning environment. The language of instruction in all degree programs is English.

The technical-craft, pedagogical and artistic development of the students is recognized as a mutually inspiring and necessary interaction. In addition to knowledge, understanding and ability, questioning, further development and thinking in new ways also play a central role in all study programmes.

In addition to the on-site teaching team, our students regularly work with international choreographers and guest lecturers.

In an open, contemporary understanding of dance and dance knowledge, the study programmes leave room for individual paths and offer opportunities for different artistic experiences.

Mutual respect is important to us. We are committed to valuing all students, faculty, and staff at ABPU. Our goal is for our students to grow as artists and individuals and to maximise their potential. 

Institute of Dance Arts (IDA)


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