Guest lecture by Theodoros Lotis, 23.11.2023

Guest lecture by Theodoros Lotis (Prof. Ionian University. Corfu)

‘Gestural and textural approaches in composition and performance with the embodied gestures instruments‘

Liveness in performance is directly related to the distribution of the performer’s energy through the instrument. Hybrid instruments and/or controllers in general attempt to restore the importance of gestural activity and the vitality of the performer’s energy-field. For this purpose, any mapping strategy in a live or real-time performance should consider the importance of parametric weighting and the fact that certain sonic attributes are conditioned by multiple parameters, i.e. the texture of a violin note is conditioned by the pressure of the bow, its velocity and inclination, etc.
In that respect, taking into account the different rates of influence that each parameter imposes on the sound (overdetermination), we allow for a level of control intimacy by restoring the body-to-object-to-sound relationship. We will discuss controlling strategies and the importance of parametric weighting in both composition and live electronics performance.

Veranstaltung Komposition, Dirigieren und Computermusik