Rada Kovacevic erhält Engagement bei EnKnapGroup

IDA-Studentin Rada Kovacevic konnte die Audition bei der internationalen Dance Company EnKnapGroup in Slowenien für sich entscheiden. Ab 28. Jänner wird sie bei der renommierten Tanzcompany mitwirken. Wir gratulieren herzlich!

The international dance company EnKnapGroup, founded in 2007 by Iztok Kovač and EN-KNAP Productions, is the only professional ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia. A composition of remarkable dancers under the artistic direction of Kovač works with internationally acclaimed choreographers and directors of explicitly diverse aesthetic proveniences, thus developing into an A-class international ensemble. Since 2009, EnKnapGroup is based at the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in the Ljubljana-Moste neighbourhood.

Since its establishment, the company has worked with over 30 Slovene and international choreographers and theatre directors, and created 26 full evening stage works and a dance film. The company has over 50 domestic appearances with their repertory over the year, as well as regular international touring.

Dance Arts Erfolg

Rada Kovacevoc (c) Giannis Dimitras Street Photography