Teaching Staff

Gaisböck, Wolfgang Mag.

Gaisböck, Wolfgang


M 0043 650 233 6300

Early Music and Historical Performance Practice, Brass instruments and percussion
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Genewein, Claire Univ.Doz. M.MUS. Dr.

Genewein, Claire

www.larcadia.org; www.lacetra.ch; www.schmidgenewein.com

President's Office, Vice president for Research, Executive Board, Senate, Promotionsausschuss, Bibliothekskonferenz, Forschungskonferenz, Early Music and Historical Performance Practice
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Genty, Bruno

Genty, Bruno

Consultation hours: Anmeldung per email

Dance Arts
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Girlinger, Norbert Prof.

Girlinger, Norbert


M +43-664-4509974

Woodwind instruments
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57