Student Representation

Student Representation at the Anton Bruckner Private University

At the last election of the Austrian Students' Union (ÖH) the list “´à la öh” was handed in too late and in accordance with §52 Paragraph 3 HSG 2014 the absence of a participating group meant that the election of ABPU university representatives could not take place. As a result Jakob Katejan Hofbauer (ACT) was nominated by the union as the person responsible for student representation at the ABPU. He and the list “à la öh” together now form the student representation (StuV) at the ABPU, whose job it is to represent the interests of all students in interactions with the organs of the Bruckner University and its teaching staff, thus making a positive contribution to day-to-day studies at the university.

The StuV represents the interests of the students in the senate, the student commission, at institute meetings, on appointment committees and scholarship committees, on the quality team, at development conferences and in the work group for equality of treatment. It is in contact with the Ombudsman of the ABPU.

The StuV is also the contact point for the concerns of students, to communicate wishes, problems and suggestions and to receive information. Help in seeking accommodation, first-time enrolment, bonline, insurance and the integration of new students – these are important concerns for us. In addition we organize annual events and parties for the students.

Appointments for consultations should be made by E-Mail:

The student representation is on the 2nd floor, room 2.303 next to the large lecture room (großer Hörsaal). In the case of urgent problems please get in touch with us by E-Mail: stuvbruckneruniat 
We are happy to be here for you – thank you for putting you trust in us!

Winter Semester 2018:  Advice on enrolment for those in their 1st semester -  in front of the students' office at the following times:

Mon. 24.9, Mon. 1.10, 11:00-12:00

Tues. 25.9, Tues. 2.10, 15:00-16:00

Wed. 26.9, Wed. 3.10, 11:00-12:00

Thurs. 27.9, 15:00-16:00