"Performing on stage was overwhelming!"

Photo: Camilla Storvollen

Agnes Antal, an ABPU student from the Institute of Dance Arts (IDA), spent her Erasmus semester in summer 2019 at the Norwegian College of Dance (Norges Dansehøyskole) in Oslo. Her stay was a great success for everyone involved. For this reason she was asked by the host institution to share her experiences. The resulting, inspiring article can be found on the website of our partner institution in Oslo.

10 October 2019 - ERASMUS Information Day at Bruckner University

(c) Anke Held

What exactly is the 'Erasmus' study programme? Who can go on an exchange within the Erasmus framework – when, where and for how long? Who do I have to contact if I want to spend some time abroad on an Erasmus grant?
You can find answers to these and other questions about the Erasmus programme at the Erasmus Information Day.
Additionally, take part in our Erasmus quiz and receive lots of Erasmus goodies.
Just stop by - on Thursday, 10 October 2019, from 11.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at the ERASMUS information desk in the foyer of the ABPU, right next to the Bistro Frédéric.



WELCOME DAYS October 2019

(c) Katharina Roth

Now they are history already - the WELCOME DAYS for our incoming students of the winter semester 2019. People from five different nations met each other and agreed on the transfer language: English. The initial uncertainty was quickly dispelled and mutual sympathies were sparked. The open and uncomplicated way of dealing with each other ensured that these days were a wonderful experience for all participants. In addition to impressions of the everyday life at Bruckner University and the cultural life of Linz, the excursion to Aussee and surroundings was the highlight of these Days. Topped off by wonderful excursion weather, this day revealed beauty of nature below and above ground, held culinary highlights ready and gave intensive insights into the history of Austria. At the same time an enormously strong group feeling developed with a shared desire for joint projects in the near future. We can be curious!


At the beginning of the winter semester 2019/20 we welcome ten new Erasmus incoming students with our three-day WELCOME DAYS. Starting with a joint breakfast and a subsequent getting to know tour through the entire Bruckner University, including a special guided tour through the library, the Erasmus incoming students will also have the opportunity to approach the German language at ease in a German class.

On day two, our guests learn how to deal with the in-house online structure – with some help from our student representatives. In addition, we will explore the city of Linz together with a professional city guide and take a look behind the scenes at the Musiktheater close to the Volksgarten.

The Welcome Days will be concluded with a trip to the Salzkammergut including a detour to the „Salzwelten“ in Altaussee, in order to get to know the surroundings of Linz and Upper Austria.

A dense program thus with many new impressions and experiences for the Erasmus incoming students to facilitate their start in Austria!

Bye Bye! - Final concert of the Erasmus students

A nice and intensive time at Bruckner University is coming to an end for our Erasmus students of this year. They were able to gain many new experiences, advance their artistic development AND make new friends during this year. Their common interest in music and their joy in making music together culminated in another highlight, namely in their successful final concert. There not only they, as Erasmus students, demonstrated their high level of ability, but among them were also other students of the ABPU, whom they got to know during their studies.

All together they presented a varied program, which leads one to believe that the friendship and the joint artistic work will continue in the future.

Erasmus students: Elisa Horrer, Ivo de Ros, Hanka Pištová, Trang Nguyen, Vojtěch Drnek, Jan Lacina, Flore-Elise Capelier

Other participants | Valentin Steinsiek, Oksana Germain, Jorge Garzon Pavez, Annina Wachter, Joan Lopez Cuamatzi, Tobias Karrer, Odysseas Manidakis

FR 21.06.2019, 17.30 hrs, JIM Size ensemble room
Concert Coordination: Flore Elise Capelier

Erasmus Final Concert

The end of an academic semester also means that the Erasmus mobility for some of our incoming students at ABPU is coming to an end. However, this year’s students decided not to leave for home before having performed together and having presented their art and group harmony to a bigger audience. Thanks to the students’ great coordinating skills they organized an entertaining concert night together with the Erasmus and Event Office that impressed with its versatile program and its international background. Students of EMP, VOC, HOL, TAS, SAI and JIM presented pieces of important classical figures such as Mozart and Vivaldi, works of contemporary artists like Alfred Schnittke and self-composed songs and movement performances. It was a successful and entertaining night that will be remembered by every participant for a long time.

Erasmus+ Incoming Welcome Days

At the end of September we as the International Office got to welcome our new Erasmus Incoming students for the academic year of 2018/19. In order to help them ease their way into their mobility experience we organized so-called Welcome Days. Besides help with administrational and technical questions these Welcome Days also provide a good opportunity for the newly arrived to get to know each other and us. During the first two days we guided the students through campus and the city center of Linz until we boarded a train towards the village of Obertraun in Salzkammergut on our last day, in order to show them Austria from its best side. The train ride itself could have been labeled as a panoramic tour when the coaches passed along the lakeshore of Traunsee offering a great view on Traunstein and Hallstatt on Hallstättersee. Although fall had already started we were spoiled with amazingly good weather which presented the south of our beautiful province in a most flattering light.

We started our adventure by taking a cable car towards the giant Dachstein ice cave in order to not only experience Austria's obvious beauty but also to dive into its hidden and fascinating riches located on the insides of the huge cave formation of the Dachstein massif. We followed our guide into the deeper parts of the cave where we encountered temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. He led us past impressive ice formations which were playfully staged by using musical effects and light shows.

After the tour we were kissed by the fall sun which quickly drove the cold out of our bones and we enjoyed our lunch soaking up the sun. If our Erasmus students hadn't known until then that Austria was known for its hearty food they knew as soon as lunch was served. We recharged our battieres over Schopfbraten, Käsespätzle, Goulash, Kaspressknödeln etc. Nobody left the table hungry. After lunch we took a second cable car ride to the top of the mountain where we were welcomed by a breathtaking panoramic view.

As soon as we left the cable car station we were looking directly at the Dachstein glacier which was blooming in white beauty even after this year's hot summer. Our goal was to reach the vantage point called "Five Fingers". Signposts marked the walking distance as 20 minutes away, however, it must have taken us double the time to get there as on the way we were distracted by just too many great photo motives that we could not ignore. Eventually we reached our destination and were left speechless at the beautiful view that was offered to us. Below us lay the Hallstättersee framed by the Alps of the Salzkammergut. The only ones enjoying a better view than us were a few bold paragliders gliding through the air right in front of our eyes. But also the vantage point is nothing for the faint-hearted. The "Five Fingers" are placed about 400 meters above ground and push their visitors to their limits as they are constructed out of glass and rough grates which will test your head for heights. Nevertheless, as soon as you dared to step on them you were rewarded with unforgettable evidence photos of your bravery that could easily pass as postal card motives.

Just when our jaws started to hurt a little bit after constantly dropping them out of ongoing amazement we heavy-heartedly decided to leave this alpine paradise and start our descent. After a short sundowner we got on our train back to Linz. Once more passing by the province's scenic gems we watched the sun set behind the mountain tops and my collegue and I were busy explaining the easiest way of returning to Salzkammergut to our students, in order for them to explore many more breathtaking places and corners.

Simone Daxecker, BA

Erasmus+ Semester Closing

At the end of June, during the small time frame between the last examination and performance stress and the end of the semester, we as the International Office, consisting of Simone Daxecker and Anita de Jong, seized the opportunity for organizing another Erasmus+ daytrip in order to properly dismiss our incoming students who would leave us at the end of the semester but also to get to know our future outgoing students better who will be streaming out into all corners of the European continent with the start of the new semester. The trip followed the motto: the better we know our students the better the basis for a successful and fluent cooperation responding to individual concerns, problems and desires.

The trip also provided a good opportunity for the students to interexchange experiences and gather ideas and suggestions. We wanted to use the occasion for getting to know our city a little better and met for a Danube river cruise. Unfortunately the weather God did not act in our favor, nevertheless the cruise offered us insights into as of yet unknown corners of the city and under deck the ship hosted a welcoming bar which spread a good atmosphere for active communiation.

When we felt land back under our feet we let them lead us to the Höhenrausch exhibition. This stop should, just like the previous cruise, alter our perspective on allegedly everyday occurrences and remind us of the true meaning of Erasmus: Growing with breaking free from one's rut and conversant patterns and gaining new perspectives in order to look at previously deadlocked situations in a different light. The exhibition enabled us to gain a different perspective onto the city and to look down onto our everyday ways and actions from above and from a certain distance. This experience should act as a little foretaste for our future outgoing students and prepare them for their upcoming adventure.

The daytrip helped stripping all participants of any insecurities and uncertainities and left them with valuable advice for their future.

The day also offered the chance to our leaving incoming students to properly say goodbye to everyone, pass on their experiences, knowledge and advice and see off the city of Linz that had been their home for the last few months.

Simone Daxecker, BA