Information for incoming students

Welcome to the homepage of Anton Bruckner Private University!
We are pleased that you are interested in a foreign study course at the Anton Bruckner Private University, within the framework of the Erasmus Programme.

Before you apply for an Erasmus placement at the Anton Bruckner Private University, please check on our homepage, or the homepage of your own university, whether there is an existing partnership agreement between them. This poses a pre-requisite for your application.

Partner universities

It is necessary to hand in your application credentials in time to your home Erasmus coordinator in order to successfully apply for an Erasmus placement at ABPU. You can apply for mobilities during the winter semester, the summer semester or a whole academic year. Applications for the whole academic year (two Semesters) will be preferred.


In order to apply for an Erasmus place at the Anton Bruckner Private University, please hand in the appropriate documentation punctually to the International Office of your home university, so that your application for the following academic year reaches us by April 19th.

  • Nomination
    The nomination is carried out through your home university, which also sends on your application forms.
  • Learning Agreement 
    The Learning Agreement, in which you compile your personal study plan, is the main item of your application. You should complete 30 ECTS-Credits per semester in your courses, at least 3 ECTS-Credits per month (the minimum requirement to avoid repayment of the mobility allowance.)

Changes to the Learning Agreement can be made later, at enrolment for example, but the Learning Agreement must be altered accordingly, and approved by both universities.

Please make sure in advance that the subjects entered in the Learning Agreement will also be credited by your home university.

Please note: The Learning Agreement is not valid without the signatures of your Institute Director and the International Office of your home university.

Application credentials:

  • Student Application Form
  • Transcript of Records: this can be obtained from the Studies Office of your home university.
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation from your principal study teacher
  • DVD /CD: with three pieces of music or songs/arias from different periods (Duration: about 30 minutes). Each piece of music must be recorded without cuts, the applicant should be visible throughout. Singers must perform at least one item in German.

DEADLINE: All the application documentation mentioned above is to be forwarded by the International Office of your home university, and must arrive via e-mail at the Anton Bruckner Private University by April 1 the latest.

Selection of Erasmus applicants at the Bruckner University

Erasmus applications will be forwarded to the Institute Directors at the Anton Bruckner Private University and to the principal study teacher. Then they carry out the examination and selection of your application. 
The length of the Erasmus study period, whether one or two semesters, will be decided according to the availability of study places.

Application notification

Your home university will be notified about the middle of May by the International Office of the Bruckner University as to whether your application was successful.

Should your application be accepted, our International Office will send the countersigned Learning Agreement, which you completed previously, to the International Office of your home university, to acknowledge our consent to the study programme.

In principle, the Anton Bruckner Private University, aims to facilitate a period of study for Erasmus applicants, provided that the qualitative requirements are met, and that there is a place available with a suitable teacher.

Once you have been accepted, necessities such as accommodation or language classes can be addressed locally or assistance can be seeked from our international office.


  • Once you have been guaranteed a placement with the Bruckner Uiversity our International Office is going to send you some information about how and where to acquire accommodation
  • Information about different options can be found beforehand on the homepage of the Bruckneruni
  • Another possibliity for flat-hunting is the website of the OeAD
    To reserve a place a housing application must be sent. The registration fee runs up to 35€. As the number of enquiries exceeds the accommodation available from OeAD, the International Office recommends early application.

Language courses

The International Office recommends that all Erasmus students attend a German language course. Classes or lectures in English at the ABPU depend on the individual teacher. Our university upholds cooperation with the Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich (PH) which allows our students to attend German classes operated by the PH free of charge. Besides from that various other German courses at different levels are offered by different institutions, e.g. Volkshochschule Linz (Adult Education Centre), or the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Those, however, are subject to charge.

Starting at the Anton Bruckner Private University

Before you start your Erasmus study period the Student Council will contact you and assist you with help and advice. If any questions should come up beforehand you can of course contact the Student Council or the International Office yourself. 

Student Council:

International Office:


Incoming students must enrol personally at the Admissions Office (Studienbüro), where the general rules for student application deadlines apply.

Requirements for enrolment

Erasmus students are exempted from paying tuition fees, however an ÖH+ insurance fee is payable at enrolment (currently € 20,20). Once the payment has been received you can PRINT OUT the Enrolment Confirmation YOURSELF on bruckneronline.

This Enrolment Confirmation and the confirmation of registration at the City Hall (Meldeamt) should be presented at Linz AG in order to use public transport at a reduced price, and also to obtain an Aktivpass for various reductions from the City of Linz.

Organisation of the academic year

The academic year at the Bruckner University consists of two semesters.

Winter semester: Early October – End January
Summer semester: Early March– End June
Semester break: February
Sommer break: Early July – End September


Attention! These semester times may vary for dance students!



When enrolling at the Admissions Office you will receive a PIN Code for the use of the bruckneronline system, and a student ID.

bruckneronline ( is the central Information system for students and teachers at the Anton Bruckner Private University. It is a web-based system i.e. you need only a web browser and broadband internet access. All Online-Services can be used with a user-name and a password, access data is available to students at the Admissions Office.

Quick guide to the bruckneronline Information system:

Farewell - The end of your Erasmus study period

Documents which must be obtained from the ABPU at the end of your Erasmus study period

After completion of your foreign study period at the ABPU please sign out personally at the International Office and at the Admissions Office.

At the International Office you will receive a Confirmation of Stay attesting to the duration of your stay.

Provided that all the examination results are available, the Admissions Office will give you the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS. In case not all of your examination results are available at that moment you can ask for the Transcript of Records later by email and it will be sent to you within five weeks after the end of your stay the latest.