Friends Association UNIsono

Culture and the arts are highly prized in Upper Austria. The accreditation of the Anton Bruckner Private University, making it the first private university for the arts in Austria, was a milestone in the development of our province. This is the basis which made it possible from now on to offer our young people an artistic education to the highest European standards. 

This path requires benevolent support. For this reason we founded UNIsono, a Friends association dedicated to helping and promoting the Anton Bruckner Private University wherever the university and its students and teachers most need it.

The word „unison“ suggests many instruments or voices sounding together in complete accord with one another. The aim of the Friends association UNIsono is to act in complete accord with the Anton Bruckner Private University to concentrate the energies and talents available, so that all can work together to achieve the best for “our” first Upper Austrian private university.


Angela Orthner und Othmar Nagl
Honorary President and President 

The members of the Friends Association UNIsono

  •  are local people committed to the promotion of culture and the arts
  • are interested in the further development of the Anton Bruckner Private University
  • receive regular information about important events and projects
  • can obtain reduced-price tickets for certain events
  • have the chance to buy CDs and other media produced at or by the university at bargain prices

Membership fee (annual)

  • EUR 15,- for full members
  • EUR 70,- for supporting members