COVID-19 Regulations

The faculty office is available for telephone inquiries Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00.


Regular classes have switched to alternative ‘distance learning’ formats. This was only possible thanks to the exceptional commitment of our teaching staff.

The course and examination times for the current summer semester have been officially extended to include the months of July, August and September.

This offer is to be understood as voluntary for both teachers and students!

Students who are unable to take part in courses which are offered in the summer, for example, should not be disadvantaged when taking examinations.

The main goal is to enable all students to attend courses (primarily digitally) in such a way that the completion of the courses - and thus the acquisition of ECTS points - is possible. In implementing these measures, the ministry also points out that "the greatest possible goodwill towards the students".

Distance Learning

If a course format can be held digitally, this should be the rule. 

This "basic rule" applies to the entire teaching process.

To ensure the continuation of classes, distance learning at ABPU (via telephone and video conferencing, e-mail, exchange of audio and video records, moodle etc.) includes the following:

  • ZKF classes (principal subjects)
  • practice supervision (assignments, feedback, mutual reflection etc.)
  • complementary classes
  • supervision of project papers and final theses
  • reading and work assignments
  • provision of teaching materials for independent learning (e.g. via moodle, owncloud etc.)
  • student counselling
  • etc.

Bruckneruni offers the following services:

  • Moodle learning platform:
  • Webex video tool
  • data storage, file-sharing
  • bonline: upload/download of teaching materials

Individual lessons

Any form of individual tuition (ZKF lessons//SP 2nd instrument/instrument of jazz/instrument of early music///piano supplementary course/etc.) in the practical and theoretical area and any correpetition that may be connected with it can still be held at the Bruckneruni.

It is recommended to wear the mouth and nose protection permanently, the minimum distances should be exceeded considerably if possible.

Group lessons

Every form of group instruction should be held online, if possible.

For non-substitutable group lessons, institute-specific solutions will be offered in consultation with the Dean's Office, which may vary depending on the course format and institute.

The teachers will inform the students about any changes in the courses; this week (week 45) there may be cancellations of courses due to the change. 

Final artistic examinations

Artistic final exams will take place as planned.

Unfortunately, the audience visit has to be cancelled.

Therefore, only one person of trust is allowed in the hall from now on.

Chamber music parts relevant to the examination can be performed after consultation with the dean's office.

The final exams will be streamed at


Should the examination times collide with the changed opening times, the examination time must be moved forward accordingly after consultation with the event office (Ursula Weber).

Teaching in preparation for the final artistic examination/final examination

Since 4 May, students who take their final artistic examination in the summer semester have had the opportunity to take lessons at ZKF while observing the security precautions according to the security concept at ABPU.


Practicing at the university is permitted to a limited extent for students who have no opportunity to practice at home. 

Please note the changed opening hours!


Ministry provisions state that examinations should be held applying technology until further notice. Digital examination formats must be the means of choice.

Examinations which cannot be held digitally at all must take place in compliance with appropriate safety measures.

Evaluation of lectures

All courses and any associated examinations will be held online until further notice. In order to ensure the quality of the examinations, we recommend the following procedures for oral online examinations via video conference in addition to the usual formats for course assessment (such as written seminar papers, presentations, etc.):

Oral online examinations via video conference:
Before the examination begins:

  • Oral agreement to the examination (to be noted in the examination protocol)
  • Establishing identity (only if necessary): Have the Brucknercard presented
  • Announcement that the test will be aborted if there is a suspicion that unauthorised aids are being used. Record the students' consent in the examination protocol.
  • The examiner may ask the candidate to swing out the room with the webcam.

Dealing with technical problems:

If the student cannot log in or the connection is lost, the exam can be repeated at a later date. If a technical problem occurs, it is necessary for the student concerned to contact the examiner immediately (via chat, mail, video, depending on the format).

If you have any questions concerning examination formats, please contact the responsible course lecturer.

Final examinations

Artistic final exams and main focus final exams 2nd instrument must be carried out at the university, an evaluation in the live stream is not possible. In order to ensure the publicity of the final exams, the presence of a person of trust is allowed during the exam.

Since ensemble performance will be possible again at the Bruckner University, ensemble performance during the final examinations can also take place – but only at the express wish of the examination candidate. However, we would like to point out that this is an optional provision and final examinations should still be held primarily without ensemble playing! The safety regulations (10m2 regulation and minimum distance etc.) must be observed during rehearsals as well as during the examination. Events such as kaleidoscopes are not possible until further notice according to the guidelines of the ministry.

Please consult with your ZKF teacher to get further informations.

The registration deadline for the final exams in September/October has been extended to 30.6.2020.

Focal point 2nd instrument – Final examinations

The final examinations for the 2nd instrument/voice/Jazz instruments and the Early Music Instrument specialisation - see artistic entrance examinations. The final examinations for the specialisations "Children and Youth Choir Conducting" and "Choral Conducting" will be held in autumn.

The specialisation "Folk Music" and the specialisation "Instrumental and Vocal Accompaniment" will be assessed cumulatively, i.e. the performances which have been achieved in the specialisation over all semesters will be evaluated conclusively.

If you have any questions regarding these and all other final examinations, please contact the respective institute and the director of the institute* where the SP is held.

  • Second instrument: Institute of the chosen instrument
  • Instrument of Jazz: JIM
  • Ensemble direction vocal/group vocalization: IKD
  • Ensemble direction wind orchestra: IKD
  • Ensemble direction strings: SAI
  • Folk music: TAS
  • Instrumental and vocal accompaniment: TAS
  • Early music instrument: ALT
  • Music and Media Technology: IKD
  • Making music with disabled people: IMP
  • Making music in groups: IMP

Complementary subject ‚Piano‘

There will be no final examination for the complementary subject ‘Piano’. The final mark is calculated cumulatively taking account of the first four semesters.

Thesis defence

Since 11 March, all thesis defences have been taking place via video conferencing.

Please see the guidelines for procedures concerning approval and submission and deadlines.

To arrange a (summer semester) date for your thesis defence, please contact Ms Rosa Blaschek ( – after your first and second supervisor’s approval.

All new defence dates take place via Webex. Rosa Blaschek will provide you with detailed information.

Submission of a German language certificate

The deadline for submission of a German language certificate has been extended until 31 January 2021.