Urban Dance Styles Course


This  extramural  Urban Dance Styles course focuses on an appreciation of  the social and artistic aspects of urban dance culture. Based on the acquisition of of a solid basic technique, the participants  will be  guided to an autonomous and creative  interaction  with the subject, so that they will be able to make active use  of what they learn,  both pedagogically  and artistically.

Teaching aim

Graduates of the  course  will be able to give clear technical performances of the  dance styles taught, will be able to  teach their students  competently  and  methodically,  and to create a target-oriented framework  for teaching and performing. 

Target Group

The course is aimed at  pedagogically interested people trained in dance, who have a keen interest in urban dance culture.   The desire for  personal artistic development , concentrated work on one´s own ability, and willingness to separate ability and knowledge  are key requirements  in the  urban dance field.


Training in dance, keen interest in urban dance forms and their culture, willingness to work  independently,  capacity for teamwork,  technical and artistic aptitude,  a medical certificate,    minimum age limit 16 years.

Time involved for the participants

The course  takes place over two semesters,  and consists of 10 semester periods per week (30 ECTS credits). Monthly class room attendance  is held in weekend blocks.  In addition there are  three intensive  block events which last four or five days, one day excusions, sitting in on classes, and final papers to write. The time necessary  for  participants´ own work  (preparation and follow-up work) varies according to prior knowledge:  the estimated number of ECTS credits corresponds to an average total workload of 10 hours a week (including preparation for the final examination). 

Tuition fee

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Admission examination

The university admission examination  consists of an audition and an interview. The audition is in the  form of a group workshop with a final presentation in smaller groups, and a solo dance in an urban dance style.  Here basic physical aptitude, and the necessary experience in movement  will be evaluated. Technical and personal suitability for participation in the course will be checked in the admission interview.


Participants who  successful complete  the  prescribed courses  and  pass the final examination   will be awarded a certificate by the ABPU.

Registration deadline

23. December 2018

Admission examination: 06.01.2019, 10:00 a.m., Neues Rathaus Linz