Course in Theatre Pedagogy


The course in Theatre Pedagogy is aimed at students with a bachelor's degree in drama performance. Since competence in the practical craft of drama is a prerequisite, the core of this course is the acquisition of pedagogical and didactic skills specially designed for the art of acting, performing/pedagogical practice as a part of artistic and cultural communication, and an academic engagement with many aspects of the teaching of acting and drama.

Practical orientation

The course is offered in co-operation with the  Schäxpir Festival, the Young Theatre of the Landestheater Linz and the Steyr Music School. This provides an opportunity to gain experience in day-to-day professional life. The students accompany theatre productions, run theatre acting clubs in co-operation with professional theatre pedagogues and observe drama teaching at the Music School. In a major project with Upper Austrian schools they also undertake autonomous organisational and artistic tasks.

Investment of time involved for participants

The course consists of two full-time semesters. It earns 60 ECTS credits.


The Bruckner University will award a certificate on the successful completion of all teaching units.