Doctoral Scholarships – Anton Bruckner

Announcement of doctoral scholarships at the Anton Bruckner Private University on the topic of "Anton Bruckner" for the occasion of the Bruckner Year 2024.

On the occasion of the bicentenary of Anton Bruckner's birth, the Anton Bruckner Private University is offering three doctoral scholarships in the fields of academic and artistic-scholarly doctoral studies in 2024. Funding totalling € 50.000 is available for the three scholarships.

Applicants are free to choose the specific topic of their doctoral dissertation. In principle, however, the funded doctoral projects must research "Anton Bruckner", "The Work of Anton Bruckner", "Anton Bruckner's Influences and/or Aftermath" either from a musicological, cultural studies, music-historical, or pedagogical perspective, or address Bruckner in the context of an artistic-scholarly dissertation through research into the applicant's own artistic practice. The newly created Nikolaus Harnoncourt Center, which among other things makes available richly annotated performance material of the artist that has not been scholarly evaluated to date, opens up a new field of research at the ABPU that makes it possible to connect the personalities of Bruckner and Harnoncourt with regard to questions of reception, interpretation and/or cultural history.

Deadline for application: 16.2.2024.

The Bruckner Scholarships are offered in the following disciplines

In the artistic-scholarly doctoral programme

  • Historical Performance Practice
  • Composition
  • Contemporary Dance

In the academic doctoral programme

Further Information:
Applications open: ongoing until 16 February 2024
Commencement of studies: October 2024.

Scholarship: Funding totalling € 50.000 is available for the three scholarships over a period of 3 years.

Applicants must undergo the regular, qualitative selection procedure for doctoral studies at the ABPU. In addition, their applications will be reviewed by a jury of experts.

For further information on applications, dates, and appointments, click here:

In addition the applications are reviewed by a jury of experts. For this purpose applicants send the exposé and their curriculum vitae to the head of the doctoral programmes, Barbara Lüneburg, after passing the admission examination. Each application must be accompanied by keywords addressing the most important aspects of the research project.

The scholarships are awarded on the recommendation of an independent jury. The jury works anonymously and should be made up of equal numbers of men and women. The professional composition of the jury will be determined individually for each application and subject area but will always include a representative of Bruckner research.

The scholarship holders will be proposed by the expert jury in a free evaluation. Participants will be informed of the jury's decision in writing. Please note that no verbal explanation of the jury's decision will be given. Incomplete applications cannot be considered for a scholarship.

Contact Barbara Lüneburg

Head of Doctoral Studies