BA Contemporary dance:

Stage Dance/Performance/Dance Pedagogy

The BA Contemporary Dance: Stage Dance/Performance/Dance Pedagogy, is an artistic and highly physical full-time study. It aims to educate new generations of well-informed, critical and dedicated artists and consists of the three areas: stage dance, performance and contemporary dance pedagogy.

Overview of the lectures and study areas


  • Duration: 8 semesters / 240 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English / German
  • Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Main Artistic Subjects

The two main artistic subjects MAS Contemporary Dance and MAS Ballet are both taught five times a week. They are consecutive and closely linked to Repertoire where choreographic processes and rehearsals are a big part of these studies.

In regular performances every semester our students perform pieces that are rehearsed and created by a teaching team of international artists and guest choreographers.

Individual choice

Besides subjects being taught in a structured schedule and placed in specific semesters, the curriculum also gives the students choices to shape their studies individually.

This creates opportunities to follow specific interests and the possibility to do certain subjects at different times. This way our students can influence the content, the intensity and the progression of their studies individually.

There are three main areas for these individual choices:

  • Dance Studies are offered regularly in six different courses out of which the students only need to complete four and can choose when to do them.
  • Repertoire 08 can be completed in various ways for example by being part of a dance projects outside of the university, internships, via ERAMSUS+ or, when attended in the 8th semester with one of the choreographic processes at the institute.
  • 24 Electives are offered every academic year. Being able to attend up to three per semester the students can decide which and how many of these lectures they want to do. By the end of their studies 16 of them need to be completed.

Wide range of Electives

Changing every year, the Electives reach across a variety of topics associated with the field of contemporary dance.

They cover areas like movement research, choreography or scores and provide coaching on projects, fitness or technique.

They reach over disciplines with physical theatre, voice & performance and can collaborate with musicians and actors from other departments of our university.

They provide opportunity to try out something new and to push boundaries.

For us as an institute they offer a chance to include guests and workshops as an enriching part of the studies as well as a space for our own creativity and experiments.

Transition year

The 4th year is shaped by the completion of the studies, the final exams and the transition into the professional dance world.

All lectures of the studies can be completed by the end of the 7th semester. Blocks of lecture free time and the 8th semester allow our students to step outside of the university, while always having the opportunity of taking classes to stay in shape.

This way they can audition, train with companies or finish lectures that they still need to complete. Such an open structure creates flexibility for our students in a phase were their pathways often need space for individual steps.

Final exams

The final exams can be taken on different dates throughout the final year and even beyond.

The Artistic Exam and the Exam Teaching Methodology represent the three areas of these contemporary dance studies: dance on stage, performance and dance pedagogy.

The Artistic Exam with its two parts includes working with a guest choreographer and the creation of an own performance.

The Bachelor Thesis as a written academic discourse completes the final exams that earns our students the academic degree of a Bachelor.