Special Cases of Recognition

Outgoing students must submit to the ABPU (Sending Institution) the "Advance Recognition" provided for in the Learning Agreement. This is checked with regard to which courses of the domestic curriculum the foreign subjects listed in the learning agreement can be credited.

This is done in a joint discussion between the outgoing student, the ABPU representative for Erasmus affairs, and the chairperson of the Study Commission. The result is recorded in the Learning Agreement and also shows the ECTS credits of those courses that will be recognized after the student's return.


The "Advance Recognition" stipulated in the Learning Agreement is binding: If the student can prove upon his/her return that he/she has positively completed the subjects listed in the Learning Agreement (or in the "Changes" applied for below) at the partner university (Receiving Institution), and after a renewed presentation to the Chairperson of the StuKo, the recognition will be carried out according to the agreed conditions.


If a student has completed a course abroad, it will be recognized if it is comparable in content and scope to the course offered at ABPU. With the recognition, the ECTS credits of the "home" course are credited to the student. In principle, it is irrelevant whether or not the same number of ECTS points was also awarded abroad; however, the number of ECTS points does provide information about how much work a student has to do within a course, which can play a role with the aforementioned recognition principle "comparable in content and scope". For the sake of certainty, these comparabilities are checked and clarified in advance.

Definitive recognition: On the basis of the described "advance recognition" including the reported "changes", the definitive recognition can take place quickly and unproblematically:

The students submit to the recognition officer of the StuKo the evidence of the subjects completed at the partner university (receiving institution) (confirmations- academic transcripts). If these courses coincide with the recognition agreed upon in advance, this will be noted on the "Advance Recognition" form and carried out by the Office of Student Affairs.

If a student has taken courses abroad which were not agreed upon in advance, but which are nevertheless comparable in content and scope to certain ABPU courses, recognition will also be granted here according to the same criteria (as for all students who can show prior study).

Application form

For more information on Erasmus+ student mobility (incoming & outgoing) at ABPU, please visit https://www.bruckneruni.at/de/universitaet/internationales/erasmus/.


The Anton Bruckner Private University is involved as a cooperation partner in the secondary school teacher training program in music education. This is a jointly established course of study pursuant to Section 8 (3) of the Private Universities Act.

In the case of participation in a jointly established degree program with a university or university for teacher education, the provisions of the Universities Act 2002 - UG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 120/2001, or the Higher Education Act 2005 - HG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 30/2006, shall apply. Appeals against decisions in matters of university law may be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court (section 10(6) of the Private Universities Act).

Further information on recognition and credits for the degree program Music Education Secondary School: https://www.liles.at/anerkennung.