Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, recognition in the entrance examination procedure is possible.

More detailed information on the regulation of recognition of parts of the entrance examination can be found in the entrance examination regulations.

No, the recognition of artistic final examinations is not possible.

No, neither theses/dissertations nor artistic work will be recognized. A separate thesis must be written for each degree program.

Courses already completed will be recognized and cannot be taken twice.

Placement is always in the first semester.

A reduction in the duration of studies by a maximum of half of the regular duration of studies is possible upon application of the student, provided that all examination achievements required for graduation as well as a confirmation from the central artistic subject lecturer and the responsible director of the institute are provided.

The corresponding aliquot recognition in the practical courses (e.g., ensemble, orchestra) is to be made.

Relevant professional activities with pedagogical components can be used for recognition for the respective study program according to equivalence. Official proof of the type, scope/duration and extent of the activity (e.g., employment contract, etc.) must be submitted.

Artistic activities outside the university can be recognized for the respective degree program, provided they are equivalent to the courses / examinations of the curriculum.

Official proof of the type, scope/duration and extent of the activity (e.g., orchestra contract, program booklet, etc.) must be submitted.

During a leave of absence, recognition of examinations is not possible, as this is considered to be the start of the examination and a positive assessment of the corresponding examination. Applications for recognition of examinations can therefore be submitted in the semester following the leave of absence at the earliest.