Entrance Exams


Application period: 2 weeks before the audition. You will receive an invitation to the general entrance exams/audition by e-mail upon completing online registration.There are two audition dates for the Bachelor programme. During the online registration process please write the preferred date for your audition in the "Comments" field.

Bachelor programme:

Registration: now until 30.5.

Due to the corona situation there is a pre-selection via video this year.

When registering online you will receive a personalized link to upload two videos

  • Valid formats: MP4 or MOV
  • Duration per video: 5 min max.
  • Size of each file: each 500 MB max.
  • Max number of videos: 2 max.

IMPORTANT: Only videos that meet these criteria can be accepted for audition!


Master programmes:
23.05.2020, 9:30 a.m., Tanzsaal 2
19.09.2020, 9:30 a.m., Tanzsaal 2
Registration at 9:00 a.m.  


Urban Dance Styles Course
10. January 2021 


Subject to changes!


Bachelor Programme – Contemporary Stage Dance / Dance Pedagogy / Movement Studies

Requirements: Particular emphasis is placed on openness to artistic processes, musicality, physical flexibility and co-ordination, and rhythmic ability. Knowledge of contemporary dance and ballet is desirable, however in some cases movement potential and physical creativity are decisive for admission.

Video audition:

For the video audition we ask you to follow the videos of the exercises and the given aspects. Please make sure that you stick to the times given and the order of the 4 tasks.

1. Please introduce yourself briefly in German or in English (max. 60 sec.)

What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from, what have you done beforehand and why would you like to study contemporary dance?

2. Contemporary Dance (3 minutes)

Please film yourself dancing the exercises of the videos: Contemporary 01, 02 and 03.

3. Ballet-technique (3 minutes)

Please film yourself dancing all the exercises of the video: Ballet Demonstration. Please use the given music from the video.

4. Improvisation tasks (2 minutes)

Please film yourself following these improvisation tasks.

  1. Using the articulation of all your joints, play with the idea of folding and unfolding - from outside to inside / from inside to outside.
  2. Use this idea to work with level changes. How does this take you down to the floor and up again? How many different levels can you explore?
  3. Add changes of dynamic to your exploration. Work with relaxation as well as strength/tension. How can both inhabit the body at the same time?
  4. Finally, play with different tempos. Can you play with different speeds, from very slow to very fast?

Please wait until you hear from us. Around mid-June you will receive notice via mail if you have been accepted to join the second round in Linz at Anton Bruckner Private University on Thursday 10.9.2020, or not.

For the second round we ask you to prepare a short solo (max. 3 Minutes). At the end of that day you will be informed whether you have received a study place (there is a maximum of 14 study places).

Please understand that due to the high number of applicants we are not able to give any feedback.

The course starts with the winter semester 2020 (1 October 2020).


Master Programmes

Master: Audition Movement Research und Tanzpädagogik

Prerequisites for Admission to the Master’s Programme:
For admission to the Master's programme, a bachelor's degree in dance/performance or an  equivalent academic degree or documentation of several years of professional experience in dance/performance is required.

Register online and submit the following application documents to Beate Gschwendtner-Leitner (beate.gschwendtner-leitnerbruckneruniat) by May 4th, 2020 at the latest for the first round and by August 25th, 2020 for the second round:

1. Send 3 different video links (YouTube-links) about your artistic and/or pedagogical works. Your body-dance practice should clearly be visible in the links: either in the form of a dance solo, or a section of a piece showing the applicant as a dancer/performer and/or in training-dance classes. The applicant should be clearly recognizable.

2. Answer the following questions in writing and send your answers to Beate Gschwendtner-Leitner:

a) Which artistic work and which reading has impressed you the most in recent months?
b) What would you like to let us know?
c) What are your expectations in regard to the profile of the Master’s Programme Movement Research/Dance Pedagogy?


The Jury will review the submitted documents and will invite selected candidates to the auditions at ABPU. Applicants will be informed two weeks before the audition whether they will be invited.


  • Presentation of previous artistic and pedagogical practice and of individual in-depth study interests (practical work 10 minutes and lecture with individual questions 10 minutes)
  • Detailed discussion with the jury about specific study interests
  • A Skype-audition is possible in case of prior professional commitments or if there is too great of a distance to be travelled from the candidates’ residences or in case of continued travel restrictions


Urban Dance Styles Course

Please refer to the Urban Dance Styles Course's page.


Please direct enquiries about admission and programmes by mail to Beate Gschwendtner-Leitner.