Entrance Exams

Composition and Conducting

  • Application period: 01.03. - 15.05.
    You will receive an invitation to the general entrance exams/audition by e-mail upon completing online registration.
  • Music theory exam (Bachelor programmes and course):
    written exam Conducting: 16.06.2020
    oral exam Conducting: following the written exam
    written exam Composition: 16.06.2020
    oral exam Composition: following the written exam
  • German language certificate:
    Language diploma for performance Bachelor's degree (KBA) and performance Master's degree (KMA): A2 (GER) 
    Language diploma for pedagogical Bachelor's degree (KBA) and pedagogical Master's degree (KMA): B1 (GER)
  • Performance Presentation (Bachelor and Master programmes):
    Conducting: 16.06.2020
    Composition: 17.06.2020

Subject to changes!