Updated information on classes and university operations

In reaction to the federal government’s relaxation of Covid-19 measures, the university has gradually taken up operations again since 4 May. The overall goal is to allow students to complete the semester successfully.

The university building remains closed to external visitors. Students receive special permits for access. Please consult the safety concept for detailed regulations.

Classes are held via ‘distance learning/teaching’ until the end of the semester as far as possible.

The university has made specific arrangements for examinations.
Admission examinations scheduled for May and June will be held digitally.
Final artistic examinations take place in compliance with the relevant provisions.

All events - external and external - are cancelled until further notice.

Administrative employees continue working from home primarily, gradually returning to university offices. Staff can only be reached via e-mail or telephone. Administrative offices are not open for personal service.

The library has expanded the range of e-resources and offers restricted lending service.

The university scheme for reopening includes several phases:

  1. Phase 1 - Starting 4 May: Students preparing for their final examinations are granted access to the university building.
  2. Phase 2 – starting 18 May: The university opens for practice on instruments which are not available at home. Final examinations take place.
  3. Phase 3 – starting 2 June: Controlled continuation of classes in principal subjects (zkF).

Safety and hygiene regulations are to be followed without exception. For details, consult the safety concept.

COVID-19 information

COVID-19 News

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Als Reaktion auf die steigenden Covid-19 Neuinfektionen in Oberösterreich, wurden kurzfristig neue Maßnahmen beschlossen, die ab 3. Juli in Kraft treten.


Wie sehr Kreativität an die zugrunde liegenden Bedingungen geknüpft ist, veranschaulicht die aktuelle Situation deutlich und stellt derzeit an der Bruckneruniversität gewohnte Orte, gewohnte Vermittlung künstlerischer Inhalte und gewohnte Kreativprozesse auf die Probe.

Presse COVID-19

Die beschlossenen Maßnahmen der Bundesregierung aufgrund des Coronavirus haben kurzfristig nicht nur den Lebensalltag verändert, sondern führen für viele Studierende zu finanziellen Herausforderungen und existenziellen Problemen.