Conference for the development of research

This conference was established with the goal of further promoting the gradual development of a relatively new field: research. The committee members are from many different institutes and are committed to a trans-disciplinary research concept.

Among the important tasks of this body:

  • Further development of curricula with regard to research
  • Development of guidelines for artistic/academic research
  • Initiating, supporting and carrying out projects, meetings and conclaves
  • Development of systems of incentives for the promotion of research (e.g. UNIsono prize)
  • Regular exchanges of ideas about research with colleagues


Brandstätter, Ursula Univ.Prof. Dr.

Brandstätter, Ursula

T +43 732 701000 201


Rector's Office, University Council, Executive Board, Senate, Promotionsausschuss, Forschungskonferenz
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Genewein, Claire Univ.Doz. M.MUS. Dr.

Genewein, Claire;;

T +43 732 701000 421

Senate, Promotionsausschuss, Forschungskonferenz, Early Music and Historical Performance Practice
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Genty, Bruno

Genty, Bruno

Consultation hours: Anmeldung per email

Studies Commission, Forschungskonferenz, Dance Arts
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Girlinger, Norbert Prof.

Girlinger, Norbert

M +43-664-4509974

University Council, Woodwind instruments, Works Council, Sicherheitsvertrauensperson
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Holzinger, Rainer Univ.Doz. MMag. Dr.

Holzinger, Rainer

Consultation hours: Mo bis Fr nach persönlicher Vereinbarung


Promotionsausschuss, Forschungskonferenz, Music Education, Theory and History
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Huber, Franz Mag.

Huber, Franz


Forschungskonferenz, Drama
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Weixler, Andreas Ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.

Weixler, Andreas


Promotionsausschuss, Forschungskonferenz, Jazz and improvised Music, Composition and Conducting
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Wimmer, Constanze Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr.

Wimmer, Constanze

T +43 732 701000 491

Consultation hours: nach persönlicher Vereinbarung per e-mail


4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Substitute members

Breuss, Rose Univ.Prof. Mag.

Breuss, Rose

T +43 732 701000 471

Consultation hours: nach Vereinbarung

Senate, Promotionsausschuss, Dance Arts, Theory and History
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Gaisböck, Wolfgang Mag.

Gaisböck, Wolfgang

M 0043 650 233 6300

Early Music and Historical Performance Practice, Brass instruments and percussion
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

Nicklaus, Hans Georg Univ.Doz. Dr. M.A.

Nicklaus, Hans Georg

T +43 732 701000 511

Consultation hours: donnerstags 15.30-16.00 od. n.V.


Senate, Studies Commission, Promotionsausschuss, Forschungskonferenz, Early Music and Historical Performance Practice, Dance Arts, Theory and History
4040 Linz, Hagenstraße 57

1 Student representative