When  any kind of media is borrowed, it should first be checked for completeness. 

Complete editions, general reference works, journals and books on the reserve shelf ("Semesterapparat") are among the media which may not be borrowed.


Loan periods

  • Scores - 2 months / 2 loan renewals
  • Books - 4 weeks / 2 loan renewals
  • CDs, DVDs – 14 days / 2 loan renewals

Number of loans

Up to twenty items may be borrowed at any one time.

When theses or dissertations are being written the number of items may be exceeded, on request.

"Items in Storage" reservations ("Magazinsbestellungen") 

Reservation of items in storage must be made at least 15 minutes before  they are to be issued . Such items are reserved for you for one week.

Issuing times: 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m.


One media renewal, when a reminder has not been sent, can be carried out independently on the user's account. A second renewal may be made by telephone or e-mail.

Individual loan periods can be arranged for teachers and for writing theses/dissertations.

User accounts


  • Overview of borrowed media including the relevant loan periods.
  • One renewal of borrowed items. 
  • Reservation of borrowed media and media located in "Storage"
  • Overview of reminder charges.

Reminder procedure

  • 1 day after deadline: € 2.00 per media item
  • further charges of € 2.00 per media item after 2 and 4 weeks
  • After the 1st reminder there will be an additional charge of  € 0.20 per item per day.

An e-mail reminder is sent 7 days before the loan period ends. A further e-mail reminder is sent when the loan period has ended (to ABPU e-mail adresses,  for members of the University).

E-mail reminders are an additional service of the library. Please note that you will still be charged fines, even if you do not receive a reminder notice due to technical issues.

Loan co-operation

"3 libraries – 1 fee":

The ABPU co-operates with the Upper Austrian State Library and the Diocesan and University Library (DBU) of the Catholic Private University Linz. The annual confirmation of a valid reader card at the relevant main library entitles you to free use of all the partner libraries.

Inter-library loans

for inter-library loans please contact the Upper Austrian State Library (Oö Landesbibliothek).