Composition, Conducting and Computer Music

Aspiring composers and their new musical works have a particular value for our young and innovative music university. Their creative potential is developed and promoted by the interaction between the study areas Composition, Conducting, Improvisation and Ensemble playing.

The composition course is aimed at young and inquisitive musicians who want to further their own artistic development in the framework of a Bachelors or Masters course of study in an environment which is as open and stimulating as possible, both aesthetically and stylistically.

The Bachelor course is divided into the following branches of study:

  • Composition
  • Jazz composition
  • Media composition/Computer music

These three branches of study, which are reflected both in the admission requirements and in the curricula, allow the student from the start to concentrate on those directions closest to his own artistic intentions. However, since these three branches develop in an permeable environment characterized by co-operation, the participation in classes from other branches of study is not only permitted, but actively encouraged. We also support student initiatives to co-operate with students from other faculties, for example instrumental studies or dance.

The aim of the Masters course in composition is the further development of an autonomous artistic personality through the creation and performance of the composer's own works and major projects.

Just as important is the education of ambitious musicians to conduct orchestras, wind orchestras and choirs. We offer a course of study in wind orchestra conducting in addition to the artistic Bachelor and Master degrees.