THE NEUTRAL MASK - Lecture-Performance

Vorspiel Bewegung 2. Jahrgang Institut Schauspiel

The journey of movement theatre begins with the Neutral Mask. The Neutral Mask doesn´t have any dramatic expression, and allows the actor to explore a state of pure presence, in the here and now of space. With this mask the actor explores the state of neutrality that exists before the action. The Neutral Mask has no memory and no projects, it lives in the present, and allows the actor to explore the most efficient movement state: the economy of movement. Once the actor has discovered this space, s/he becomes like a white page, ready to be written on in the future dramas. Through Neutral Mask the actor discoveres a state of physical presence, calm and openness to space. It´s a challenge because in terms of movement, nobody is neutral, everybody carries themes that are profoundly expressive embodied in their everyday movement. For this reason the Neutral Mask ist the basis for all theatre masks. It allows us to understand how each character development is based in a unbalance from neutrality.

Es spielen: Maja Grahnert, Sophie Kirsch, Lorraine Töpfer, Stella Wiemann, Nikolaj Maximilian Klinger, Nicolas Laudenklos

Leitung: Aleksandar Acev

Termin: DI 26.03.2019 18.00 Uhr, ABPU, Studiobühne